In thisĀ iZombie episode, titled “Dirt Nap Time,” Blaine and Major both find themselves readjusting to their human lives with their memory intact, the former sliding back into his criminal past and the latter trying to keep his head above water juggling two lives. Meanwhile, Peyton hits a roadblock in her big case while Liv takes a bite out of the brain of a pre-school teacher.

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The Crime of the Week

A pre-school teacher with a bout of infidelity, Jamie, winds up dead in the entry way of his home, with nails protruding from his head and all signs pointing to his disgruntled girlfriend. It turns out she is a mom from the school, the same school in which Jamie was sleeping with three other mothers at the same time. Going down the line, they start knocking out Jamie’s lovers one by one, including a pre-school mother who has an open marriage with her husband who knew of Jamie.

While singing a childish song with Ravi and Major, Liv sees her first vision of their womanizing victim, which places the disgruntled girlfriend, Piper, at Jamie’s house the night of his murder. Piper tells Liv and Clive of a shady black car that was parked outside of Jamie’s house the night of the murder and, in a second vision, they see the black civic again that belongs to an unidentified private eye who was trailing Jamie’s infidelities. It turns out that the open marriage was a lie and the husband in question hired the private eye to trail his cheating wife. After finding out about it, he killed Jamie with the nail gun — and his wife, out of his guilt, tried to help cover it up.

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The Human Threat Takes a Step Closer

Liv is distraught over Blaine giving away her one last salvation at the cure, with her anger toward Blaine and his deceit fueling her every move so much to the extent that she wastes no time punching him out in full zombie mode. Other than Liv finding an outlet for her anger, the confrontation lets Liv and Ravi know that Blaine didn’t steal the cure. Blaine goes back to his criminal life, peddling brains to his clients, while exhibiting some clear signs of mourning over the loss of his relationship with Peyton.

Peyton, also retrospective about her time with Blaine, is still looking into the dominatrix case from a couple weeks ago. She is close to getting a break in the case, until at the last second a shady lawyer comes in and changes the game, banishing her suspect to life in prison with not so much as the bat of an eye. The next day, Peyton learns that James Wexler, the suspect, hanged himself.

Major is getting used to his double life by now being a human again but also still trying to keep that a secret by masquerading as a zombie mercenary. Major’s double life brings him to the zombie speakeasy run by Blaine’s dad and former lackey Donnie. Liv goes to confront Donnie about the missing vials, but that’s a dead end too, leaving the gang with no clear suspect in the theft of the zombie cure. At the orders of Blaine’s father, Donnie goes to buy out Blaine, leaving the former undead brain-selling kingpin, with no business and no girl. And as if that isn’t bad enough, Blaine, who at this current moment is human, is shot, a parting gift from dear old dad.

In the closing moments of the episode, the threat of the zombie exposure at the hands of humans comes into play once more. The zombie hater who’s been recurring throughout the season finds his way toward a major zombie hideout but is scared away due to a zombie attacking them. What’s worse for Liv and rest of the zombies is that they got footage of a zombie raging out, red eyes and all, during the attack, giving the human resistance even more proof of zombies.

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