The Once Upon a Time season 6 finale truly delivered on the idea of closing a chapter. The show has been renewed and will continue with season 7 but most of the season 6 finale felt like a series finale. Still, season 6 ended on a cliffhanger that gave fans a pretty strong hint of what to expect from season 7 with the introduction of an adult Henry and his young daughter, Lucy. There are many more questions that still need to be answered. Once Upon a Time executive producers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis spoke with TVLine and teased some of what fans can anticipate during the next chapter of Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time Season 6 Finale Recap: Can Emma Save Storybrooke One More Time?>>> In the interview Horowitz and Kitsis justified why season 7 is a continuation of the same story and not a spin-off. The show is planning on jumping ahead in time with adult Henry but everything that happens will be informed by what preceded it. Once Upon a Time isn’t completely starting over in season 7, it will continue telling stories with all the same themes as before. 

Kitsis explained, “[It’s] why Henry, who has the Heart of the True Believer, is leading the next chapter. This chapter of the book felt like it needed to be completed, but the idea of fairy tales in the real world, and the real world needing to have hope, and people needing to find that, is still very relevant and personal to us. So we felt like Henry was the perfect person to lead us into the new chapter.”

The show is planning on moving away from Storybrooke too. While we will see Storybrooke again it will no longer be the “focal point” of the series. The show will go between “many worlds” in season 7. This could be because Horowitz and Kitisis are promising season 7 will fill in the gaps of what happened between the big family dinner from the season finale and Lucy knocking on Henry’s door. Horowitz admitted that “time’s a funny thing on Once Upon a Time.” It sounds like fans can probably expect the show to continue jumping around in time, telling stories in flashbacks as well as present day. Ultimately, though, season 7 will be all about Henry and his story. 

“When we see Henry later, understand that like any kid, when you turn 18, 19, you want to leave home,” Kitsis said. “So I think that Henry is not out on a mission on behalf of the happy endings his family has earned; Henry is out to make his own story. And what we’ll find out is what happened [to everyone]. As Lucy said at the end, ‘Your family needs your help,’ so clearly at some point he must have reached out to them and at some point they came. But really, it started with Henry wanting to leave home.” 

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Horowitz did tease one happy ending though that should be addressed in season 7. Since Colin O’Donoghue is continuing on the show without Jennifer Morrison that means that fans can expect a lot more Captain Hook than Emma Swan. This doesn’t mean that their wedding was a lie or not meant to last. Horowitz said, “Hook and Emma ended the season in love and in a beautiful place. We meant what we showed at the end, which is the two of them in a very good place. That’s an important thing for both of those characters’ journeys over the six seasons of the show, and we really wanted to have that feeling that they had found each other and were going to go on together.” 

From that quote it sounds like fans can take some solace in the fact that Emma and Hook won’t break up in the time jump of Henry growing up. How Emma and Hook can continue being together without one of them being around is anyone’s guess but at least the show wasn’t lying about them starting a new life together. It just might not be a life that Once Upon a Time fans will be allowed to see on-screen. 

So what do you think of season 7 now? Will you watch a show with Henry as the lead? How can Regina, Hook and Rumple still continue on the show if Henry has grown up? Should Once Upon a Time season 7 be a spin-off or does it make sense to be a continuation? 

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