The last time we saw the task force on Quantico, they had 100 days until the Congressional Convention. In the season 2 finale, titled “RESISTANCE,” more than two months have passed as they have less than 30 days until the big day. Time quickly speeds up within the first few moments as the main event quickly approaches. They interview various candidates for the FBI and CSI combined agency, but they don’t seem to have any luck.

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The Agents and Their Love Affairs

Miranda and Owen seem to be getting closer as Alex and Ryan appear to get their romance back on track. Miranda and Owen are attempting to find a way to get Lydia cleared of her terrorist acts from earlier this season. But they also agree to do dinner later. As if right on cue, Ryan and Alex are more open about their romance, or whatever is happening, and don’t mind doing it right in front of Owen, despite Alex and Owen’s close moments.

Another possible couple is Shelby and Clay. Viewers probably saw this coming from a mile away when the second half of the season started and Clay hated Shelby because she not only used to date his brother but was his father’s mistress as well. Now Shelby looks like she’s working on her third Haas guy. Interestingly enough, Clay comes around and apologizes for blaming her for the affair she had with his dad.

Taking on the Four Undecided Votes

When it comes to the actual work, the agents go head-on in trying to get four undecided swing delegates to shut down the amendment to change the word “safety” to “security” in the Constitution. They work on a woman named Congressman Sheila Bernard of Ohio first, who they blackmail and say that if she votes no, no one will hear about an affair she’s having. The same is true for Congressman Jackson, who also has secrets of his own as he’s accused of being a racist. Congressman Benjamin Whitmore is next on the list. Ryan points out Whitmore, who also is a clergyman and has a “dominatrix on speed dial,” but Alex doesn’t want to attack him so quickly. As for Congressman Amanda Glasson of Michigan, Alex realizes there could be charges against her from corporate fraud to treason. All four agree to vote no on the amendment. But, of course, it’s not that easy.

Shelby and Alex take a break from work and open up about their love lives. Shelby admits that she hopes what she and Clay have is “real,” and Alex says she’s concerned that Ryan will go back to his old ways once all is said and done. Clay also goes to visit an old friend, Felix, who isn’t happy to see him after everything that went down earlier this season. Still, one thing they have in common is that they both want the new President Henry Roarke to go down for good.

Roarke Has Eyes … Everywhere

Just when the task force wants to relax, it comes out that Roarke has been spying on them during the entire 100 days, including the “research” they did on the four delegates. President Roarke was a step ahead and had the delegates replaced. Clay wants to take just as drastic of measures and figure out what Roarke’s right-hand man, Peter Teal, has on him. Once they find that, they could actually win. Alex says she knows just who to call.

It doesn’t take long for a couple of familiar agents, Will and Iris, to find Peter in a gay bar. Not knowing who he’s working with, he quickly offers to pay for sexual services.

Awkwardly enough, Ryan and Owen have a conversation about Alex. Owen makes it clear that Alex is still interested in him, which could lead to Ryan wanting to work things out with Alex once and for all.

Iris and Will get some traction and get into Peter’s home system. Meanwhile, the agents use Felix to get the attention of a group of Russians, who have power to make the deal in getting Roarke to change the language of the amendment. Just in time, Will and Iris get the agents just what they need to make the deal with the Russians.

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Now for the Main Event

Clay is the first to come face-to-face with Roarke at the Congressional meeting. He threatens that he can easily make the rest of the agents disappear but has more concern that people will realize if Clay goes MIA. The two have a battle of words, and Roarke is confident that the states will vote to amend the Constitution and the security that comes with it.

At the most awkward time possible, Shelby runs into Max, Clay’s former fiance. She reveals that Clay is the one who gave Max the boot, not the other way around like he told Shelby. She’s literally saved by the bell when Miranda summons them to go into the courtroom so they can hear whether the amendment will pass or not.

Alex Goes Live and Brings the Russians

Just as Roarke gets ready to announce the change, Alex crashes the meeting with a video of Roarke making a deal with the Russians. Alex accuses Roarke of controlling the election and manipulating the American people. She reveals that they are releasing all of the secrets, which Roarke fought so hard to hide, to major attorneys and even the ACLU. How much more timely can this be? What no one expects is for Alex to be shot down in the middle of her speech.

Once in the ambulance, Alex, Will and Iris reveal to Ryan that they are all in on the plan to make it look like Alex got shot. In fact, the only one who wasn’t in on it was Ryan. He points out that they’re going to be looking for a body at the hospital, but Alex says she has everything they need — even a death certificate. Now she just has to disappear, even if that means Roarke is always wondering where she is.

Roarke continues to deny that he was working with Russia. The alleged shot ended the Congressional meeting before a decision could even be made.

Is It Really Over?

Clay is the first to gloat to Roarke about his major loss and tells him he has two options: to walk out to the press or the police. Either way, he has to make a decision. Roarke hints at his death and says that he won’t leave at all. Shots are heard as Clay walks out, confirming that Roarke took his own life. Clay is on top of the world, so he goes for Shelby. She informs him that she spoke with Maxine and won’t be going out with him anytime soon, if ever.

Owen hooks Alex up with everything she needs, from passports to a burner phone. The two have a sentimental moment before they say goodbye. But one person she can’t say goodbye to is Ryan.

The finale ends two months after the incident. The world is still looking for Parrish, Max and Clay get back together and secretly elope, and Nimah finally gets out of custody. Owen is the new Deputy Director of the CIA and tries to recruit the twins and Shelby. As for Alex, it looks like she and Ryan have reunited sooner than she thought, in a moment that is very nostalgic of their first introduction in season 1. It’s safe to say these two are somewhere together.

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