It might be fate that brought these couples together, but the writers put them through hell to get there. These are 10 TV couples who came back together in unusual and strange ways.

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Alison and Emily – Pretty Little Liars


Although Alison and Emily have always had romantic feelings for each other, they were never really an “official” thing. We see their flirtations turn into a little bit more in flashbacks, but leave it to Pretty Little Liars to bring a character back from the dead to reunite them with their crush. We know Alison wasn’t actually dead, but that’s a long way to go to get two characters back together. 

Castle and Beckett – Castle


Audiences had to suffer through season after season of “will they or won’t they,” and it was wearying after a while. Before the show officially brought them together, they kept them apart for an entire summer. They only reunited when Castle was found standing over a dead body, literally holding a smoking gun. Of course he was arrested and Beckett interrogated him, bringing all her feelings to the surface. Caskett was born. 

Damon and Elena – The Vampire Diaries


These two were so on again and off again that you can’t really keep up with if they were or weren’t together. Their supernatural timing was always a little off, with Elena’s human status fluctuating here and there. It was always inevitable that they would wind up together, even when she “died” and was forced into a coffin for years and years. Of course they wound up together, but it took an insane amount of magic and the rearranging of the space-time continuum for to it happen. Elena wakes up from her sleep and Damon is human — a long way to go to get these two back together. 

Cookie and Lucious – Empire


These two were separated by 17 years and hard time. When Cookie took the fall for Lucious over some shady drug business, she went away to prison for a very long time. They came back together, briefly, when she was released, and they have had to face all sorts of drama and intrigue since. 

Felicity and Ben – Felicity


They might not have actually been together, but she definitely took some major chances to be with him. When Ben wrote in Felicity’s yearbook in their senior year, she interpreted that as a sigh they should be together. She went across the country to follow him to school, and although it took a while for them to get it together, they eventually did. 

Jamie and Claire – Outlander


You know it’s meant to be when a love defies culture, time and geography. When Claire was transported back to her 20th century timeline, she thought she would never see Jaime again. But their love can’t be contained by the rules of physics, and she was sucked back in time to be with her Scottish husband. 

Buffy and Angel – Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Angel was the original “vampire with a soul” but little did we know at the time, Buffy would be his undoing. Buffy lost her virginity to Angel, causing him, in turn, to lose his soul, and he attacked her the morning after. Buffy had to kill him, but magic brought them back together after all. They plodded through the rest of their unstable relationship, but ultimately couldn’t get it together. They may have been torn apart by Buffy’s slayer tendencies, but it was the pull of the universe that kept bringing them back together. 

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Rebecca and Josh – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Josh and Rebecca had a fleeting summer camp romance when they were young, but as happens with those kind of relationships, it didn’t last past the summer. They came back together, years later, when they ran into each other on the street. Mistakenly thinking they could make another go of it, Rebecca quit her high paying job as an attorney and moved across the country to Josh’s small California town. It’s weird because Josh didn’t even know she was planning on doing so. They danced around each other for a while, until Josh finally relented and they started dating. 

Sharon and Rob – Catastrophe


Rob and Sharon had a one-night stand while he was on business in London. They hit it off pretty well, but they said goodbye when he had to return to the US. They reunited after she turned up pregnant and called him to let him know. They tried to do the whole “long distance” thing for a while, but Rob wound up moving to England to be with his family. They even got married and are making quite the go of it.  

Cece and Schmidt – New Girl

While Schmidt pined for Cece for a lot longer than she realized, they finally came together in a “friends with benefits” situation. They broke things off because it was getting weird, and Schmidt slept with her roommate. Then they came back together after a sex injury and a broken penis. Cece wound up apologizing and they went on to get married. 

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Which couple’s reunion was the weirdest? Can you think of other couples that got together in a weird way? Let us know in the comments!

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