We are starting to see more of Clayton Haas’ personal life on Quantico and how it relates to the success of the agents in accomplishing their ultimate task. In this episode, titled “ODYOKE,” Clayton meets with his friend Felix, who tells him that his fiance, Maxine, is threatened by Shelby. Shelby has enough family history with the Haas’, as she not only dated Clayton’s brother, Caleb, but also had a scandalous affair with their dad. But Shelby has enough to worry about since she and Alex both find out about Ryan’s new possible girlfriend, as he reveals he’s going skiing during their slight break. It’s not clear if she’ll ever go beyond being known as “the girl who exposed Shawn Gregory.”

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Alex Meets a Familiar Face

Alex takes the longest to get out of town for their vacation and runs into Owen. He catches her up on his visit to Lydia and confesses that the two definitely don’t have the close father-daughter relationship they once did. Of course, Alex really doesn’t get much of a vacation, as she runs into who she thinks is Nimah, until Nimah calls her on her cell phone. Alex puts two and two together and realizes that it is actually Raina who she spotted and immediately exposes her.

Alex might have a difficult time getting out of dodge, but Ryan is ready to skip town sooner than later with his new romantic interest — that is, until he, Shelby, Clay and Owen all get messages that they need to report to home base. Raina then reveals that she is being framed for a new terrorist attack after she tells Alex that she caught a man and a woman in her hotel room. Interestingly enough, it’s this attack that the rest of the agents were probably signaled for just moments earlier.

The Agents Get an Unexpected Task

The crew comes together to try to find out if the new attack is related to the ones they’ve been investigating. Clay reveals that the bombings have come on the exact same day that a bill is on the line to determine if Congress will pass a registry that could ban foreigners, specifically those from Middle Eastern countries, from entering the United States. Clay pushes for them to find out who the voters are and who could want to use this attack to make sure that the new bill gets through.

Meanwhile, Alex tries to get through to Raina in hopes of figuring out who could be framing her. She and Nimah end up having an interesting moment, as they attempt to catch up on the weeks that went by without them speaking to each other. While they have their differences, the team is still able to come together to try to clear Raina’s name.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

But Alex gets bad news that Leon is actually dead. Alex is convinced that whoever attacked him and made his death look like a suicide are the same people who framed Raina. Owen makes it his mission to get closer to find out exactly who it is. But the team is divided in their beliefs, causing Raina to step in and remind them what the cause really is. Clay’s response? “Turn those votes” as the team confronts key voters in hopes of getting them to vote nay on the registry bill. Unfortunately, all of the agents are unsuccessful. But Nimah lets Ryan know that that’s just the beginning of his worries, as Sasha is flagged for being a Russian spy.

Things go left for the agents even more when it’s Clay’s friend Felix who uses his power to get all of the agents kicked out of the session.

As for Alex and Owen, they hold the one who was supposed to kill Raina hostage. He does admit to killing Leon but reveals that since Raina got away, whoever it is he works for won’t be too far behind. Right on cue, the warehouse they are all in gets sprayed with bullets.

Owen freezes as the sound of bullets seem to distract him after the man they were holding hostage is shot in the head. He ends up telling Alex that he’s not the man he wishes he was, especially when he’s out in the field. This is why he enjoys being in the classroom so much. The men finally break into the warehouse and don’t seem to think that Alex and Owen are inside once they find the hostage and take him.They continue to battle their mysterious enemies as Ryan confronts Sasha about who she possibly really is. She confesses to her background and says she’s helping the FSB to protect her parents, who are still in Russia. She tries to convince him that she hasn’t compromised his identity with FSB, and he appears to believe her. Shelby and Raina are the ones who come for Felix as they try to find out why he is pushing the Muslim registry.

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Nimah’s Face Makes Headline News

It’s Raina who tries to convince Felix why the bill is a bad idea. But they clearly have bigger problems as Nimah is officially identified as the bomber.

The team loses hope as they figure out that the registry really isn’t because of a terrorist scare. Instead, they think it’s an effort to make the President look bad. Meanwhile, Nimah is ready to turn herself in as Raina hopes to repair their relationship since Raina blames Nimah for being framed.

Alex takes a one-on-one moment with Ryan, with an opportunity to ask him about Sasha and her Russian background. But Ryan flips the script when he makes it clear that Alex hasn’t always been innocent before he reminds her that he’s not her fiance anymore.

Tough Choices and Major Revelations

But that doesn’t seem to matter as Owen asks Alex to help boost his confidence when they’re in combat. He is convinced that Alex is the only one who can help him. This could really turn into a possible romantic yet awkward relationship for these two. As for Ryan, he meets up with Sasha and lets her know that she has nothing to worry about when it comes to her secret. It’s still not clear if she’s trustworthy or if she’s playing him. Only time will tell when it comes to that.

Shelby has a run-in with Clay, so she calls Caleb in hopes of having him reach out to them. Raina takes Nimah up on her offer to pretend that she’s her and to turn herself in. But a look she gives hints that things won’t go as planned. Ryan also shows that he doesn’t trust Sasha as much as he’s letting on since he’s spotted copying some of her files toward the end of the episode. Meanwhile, Sebastian returns and is possibly after Alex and Owen after he took Harry hostage in a previous episode.

Do you believe Sasha’s story about why she’s being accused of being a Russian spy? What do you think about Alex and Owen always working so closely together? Do you think Nimah had anything to do with the attack? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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