Supergirl is currently on hiatus until April 17th, but there’s plenty to discuss while we eagerly await its return. One of the show’s most prominent, well-received story lines this season has been the personal journey of Alex Danvers. The CW has been under fire since the writers of The 100 killed off one half of the fan-favorite power couple Clexa. I’ll admit that I even stopped watching the show when Lexa died — that one was painful — but the romance between Alex and Maggie has given me hope that The CW has learned from their mistakes in the representation of LGBTQ+ characters.

Whether you’re gay, straight, questioning or somewhere in between, the character of Alex has something unique and compelling to offer every viewer. While we begin to witness Kara become stuck in a toxic cycle with her romantic interests, Alex remains the steadfast, ever-evolving rock of Supergirl.

In the most recent episode of Supergirl, “The Distant Sun”, we see Kara and Mon-El reunited yet again after he was shut down by Kara at his most honest and vulnerable. The conflicts between Kara and Mon-El and Maggie and Alex are often parallel, but we see them handled in drastically different ways. Instead of stepping into Mon-El’s shoes to attempt to empathize with the motivation behind his dishonesty, Kara skewers him for it, hyper-focused on the “what” and unwilling to listen to the “why.”

On the other hand, Maggie and Alex find themselves in a similar situation of deception after the pair run into Maggie’s ex-girlfriend. Maggie lies to Alex about why they broke up, omitting the fact that Maggie was actually unfaithful in the relationship. Upon learning this from the ex in an embarrassing confrontation, Alex approaches Maggie in an inquisitive, nonjudgmental way instead of brushing off whatever explanation she might have. The two manage to reconnect in a way that draws them closer together, rather than exploding into a destructive, temporary breakup. 

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PEOPLE magazine recently chatted with the two actresses who play the TV power couple at the GLAAD awards. Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima are both incredibly proud of their storyline, and Leigh even remarked, “It’s a love story. And it’s beautiful.” Chyler Leigh also spoke out recently that a big moment was coming up in the season finale between Alex and Maggie, and speculation is swirling that wedding bells might be in the air. As long as it’s not a breakup or a death, count me in.

Having the representation of a lesbian relationship on screen — one that’s healthy, deep and flourishing — is incredibly refreshing. As a recently outed bisexual woman, I can attest that it’s heartwarming and reassuring to watch a couple’s journey that I can look up to. Alex’s coming out experience was similar to my own, and a nuanced portrayal of loving and acceptance from family members is just as important to show young people as the story of rejection. Both happen, but the latter is used more frequently as conflict tells a more dramatic story. 

Just like Maggie, my partner has been out much longer than me and faced significantly more obstacles along her coming out journey. Sometimes we get our wires crossed, because the hardships she experienced have shaped her in ways I’m unable to imagine. Maggie and Alex have shown me the importance of listening and being supportive of struggles both individuals don’t always relate to equally. 

As a human being, when you can’t see yourself portrayed somewhere in a story, you have no point of reference to relate to what you’re watching. Young people who are unable to relate to what they watch on TV often begin to question who they are and what normal is supposed to be. As a strong, independent, family-oriented woman who chose to come out on her own terms later in life and is genuinely happy, Alex Danvers is the first character who actually reminds me of me. Supergirl might be the one in a cape who can fly, but Alex Danvers is my hero.

What do you think of Alex and Maggie? Are the two moving too fast, or do they have a healthy relationship? Who do you look up to most on the show?

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