Supergirl is reaching the end of its first season and things do not look good for Kara. Non’s plan has gone into full effect and the entirety of National City is under his control, including Kara’s sister, Alex. The ending of the penultimate episode of season 1, saw Kara and Alex run towards each other ready to fight. The latter, controlled by Non was wearing a superpowered suit of Kryptonite armor and promising that only one of them would leave the fight alive. This scene combined with comments from executive producer Greg Berlanti and pop culture nerd, Kevin Smith, implies heavily that someone will die in the season finale and it looks like it might be a fan favorite. 

All Signs Point Towards Doom

There is some pretty heavy behind the scenes hints that something pretty tragic is going to happen on Supergirl. For starters Supergirl comes from the same creative team that launched and created CW’s Arrow and The Flash. In both of those superhero series, the hero lost a close friend in the climactic battle with the villain in season 1. Then there is an Entertainment Weekly interview with Supergirl EP Greg Berlanti who said to expect a death in Supergirl season finale because according to him, “it would be a lot less exciting if I said no.” In addition, Kevin Smith commented on his podcast that the Supergirl finale will make fans cry. Smith said, “Something’s happening that will affect Supergirl in such a great way.” Smith goes on to say he can’t disclose the event because it would ruin the end of the season for people. 

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In both cases Berlanti and Smith could be misleading the audience. Berlanti doesn’t confirm or deny that someone is going to die. Smith could be referring to something heart-warming rather than heart-crushing that is going to make people cry. Neither man says that someone is going to die but honestly it just makes sense. 


The stakes were raised in such a huge way on the Supergirl episode “Myriad.” Kara was faced with such an unwinnable situation in Non’s takeover. As loath as I am to agree with Maxwell Lord, he was right. Supergirl is way past villains of the week and kittens stuck in trees at this point. Non’s use of Myriad should have some very real consequences. Or at least more consequences than killing that random CatCo worker who was named in “Myriad” specifically so the show could kill her off. 

“Myriad” did everything an episode should to set up a season finale. Kara was pushed to her limit and presented with this awful situation. “Myriad” did a wonderful job of creating a scenario that promised lasting consequences for Kara and it could change the show forever. The finale needs to deliver on those promises and the death of a major character would certainly do it.

The Dead Pool on Supergirl

There are a number of characters who could die on the show. Honestly Supergirl could do with trimming the fat on some of their cast. The show would only be improved if James or Maxwell Lord were never seen again but it likely won’t happen. Supergirl clearly has big plans for Maxwell Lord’s character and will probably play those out even if no one wants to see them. James dying would get rid of the inert Kara/James romance but it feels a little too neat an exit. 

Theoretically Winn could also die and that could be effective. Winn has grown a lot as a character in season 1 and the show did a nice job of making us believe in Kara and Winn’s friendship. On the other hand, killing Winn would seem like a waste of the character development he has gone through. The same can be said of killing J’onn J’onzz.

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This just leaves two characters and there are very popular ones. Cat Grant is easily the best part of the show and while her death would destroy Kara. It would very likely also destroy the show. Supergirl is the heroine of her own show but without Cat Grant’s terrific one-liners and mentorship of Kara the show is not the same animal. Though Cat’s scene with Supergirl telling the heroine how much she has changed could act as end to the character it would be a mistake. 


On the other hand, foreshadowing for Alex’s death was all over “Myraid”. While Kara and Alex will more than likely survive their battle that closed out the episode, the rest of the episode felt like it was preparing the audience to say goodybe to Alex. 

Alex compared herself to her (previously) presumed dead father. Supergirl established (once again) how much Alex means to Kara. Alex promised she would try to survive. Non vowed revenge on Alex for killing Astra.  Alex left her mother without sharing an important secret. If we’re playing Character Death Bingo Alex has a straight line across and in the middle. While some of the official episode photos for the finale show Alex and Kara happy with the rest of their friends this could easily be apart of some flashback or dream sequence. 

But what do you think? Is Alex’s life in danger on Supergirl? Will the show kill her off? 

Supergirl season 1 airs Mondays at 8pm on CBS.

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