When we last left Madison and Travis and their families on Fear the Walking Dead, they were getting ready to depart on the high seas with a man Nick met at the hospital compound. The season 2 premiere, “Monster,” picks up as they get ready to set sail. But are they really safe on the water? And just where will they go that’s safe? Is any place even safe anymore?

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Los Angeles Burns

Their bags are packed and they are ready to get on Strand’s yacht, the Abigail. Daniel, Nick, Alicia, Ofelia and Strand head out to the yacht first to prepare to set sail, while Travis, Madison, Chris and the body of Liza wait ashore. In the background, the city of Los Angeles is burning down and walkers are approaching the group on the beach. A few tussle with Madison and Travis, and Nick heads back to land to get them. As they push off the shore, military helicopters bomb the city.

No Rescues

Adjusting to life at sea is difficult, I’m sure, but adjusting to life at sea when it’s the end of the world, that’s got to be tough. And many in the group are not taking it well, especially when the Coast Guard announces that it will no longer be rescuing anyone. So when the Abigail passes a group of about 10 or so on a small raft, half the group want to stop and help, while the other half, including Strand, realize that that’s probably not the best option.

This doesn’t sit well with a few. Alicia goes off to listen to the CB radio all pouty. Nick questions Strand’s motives. Daniel decides to make the most of the situation and fish to hopefully provide food for the group. Chris sits with his mother’s dead body. And Travis and Madison argue over the decision to leave people stranded. Travis explains that, in the end, he really doesn’t care about anyone except his family. Perhaps we are seeing a little bit of Rick Grimes in him.

Alicia makes friends with someone over the radio named Jack. They chat about life before and life after. When she realizes he’s in trouble, she offers to rescue him. But Strand overhears and informs the group that rules one, two and three are: it’s his boat. He points out that if it wasn’t for him, they would all be dead.

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What’s the Plan?

Strand tells the group that they can go 3,000 miles, as long as they don’t push the engine too hard. His plan is to head south to San Diego. However, he tells Nick that there really isn’t a plan anymore. No one knows what lies ahead.

Daniel tells Madison that he really doesn’t trust Strand too much. He questions why Strand looked like he was ready to leave before the dead started to turn. Madison says to give him the benefit of the doubt but still be on guard.

After a brief memorial for Liza, Chris gets even more pissed off at his dad. He doesn’t partake in dinner with the group and instead decides to jump off the back of the yacht. When Nick jumps in after him, Chris tells him that he was just going for a swim. But the fun and games end quickly, when walkers start swimming toward the two guys. Travis jumps on the raft and gets Chris, but Nick thinks he hears someone in the shipwreck they spot. He heads over to check it out. And while the only thing he encounters inside is a walker, he does grab the yacht logs.

The wrecked ship is full of bullet holes. And as the excitement is going on outside, Strand gets an alert saying a ship will be near them soon. He worries that whoever is in that other vessel could be the group that destroyed the other boat. He also fears the Abigail can’t outrun the approaching vessel either.

Uncharted Waters … Literally

Travis, Madison and company are literally on uncharted waters. While they are with their families, they are also with complete strangers they picked up along the way. They have to abide by Strand’s rules. And I have to say, I don’t blame Strand. As much as I’d like Travis or Madison to be the Rick Grimes of the group, right now Strand and Daniel are tied in my book. Strand understands that they need to just keep going and not worry about others, while Daniel knows what to do to survive.

I know it’s going to take a long time for anyone in this California group to ever be like Rick, especially since Rick is still growing into the leader he’s become. I have to say, though, that as safe and well-stocked as that yacht seems to be, I don’t know if I’d want to spend the end of the world on a boat in the middle of the ocean. I’m very curious to see how this will play out and just how long they will stay on the water. And is Hawaii really sheltered?

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