In this episode of Gotham, “Wrath of the Villains: Into the Woods,” Professor Strange observes a seemingly reformed Barbara, Gordon works to clear his name and Oswald learns the truth about his father’s death.

The big news in Gotham is that convicted murderer Jim Gordon has escaped from prison. This is of particular interest to Ed Nygma, who set Gordon up. Captain Barnes is convinced that Bullock knows Gordon’s whereabouts, but Bullock isn’t talking. He does make it clear that they both know Gordon didn’t kill Pinkney. Barnes hopes that Gordon can prove his innocence, but until he does, the people of Gotham have to know that the police are impartial. Barnes promises to bust Bullock if he finds out that he’s aiding or abetting Gordon in any way.

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The Inside Man

Gordon has been busy piecing together evidence in a Homeland-esque manner. He knows that the bombing at the train station, the Internal Affairs tip-off and Pinkney’s murder are all part of an elaborate frame. The fact that the murder weapon (a crowbar) was used after it was put into evidence points to an active cop. This doesn’t narrow the field of suspects down by much, given how many enemies Gordon has made. Bullock advises Gordon that it isn’t too late to run. He’s been working the case since Gordon went away. And even though it isn’t hopeless, Barnes is on the hunt, and Gordon has to work fast.

Gordon recalls Dent telling him that I.A. records all of their incoming calls, which means they could get the tipster’s voice on tape. Bullock happens to have a female “friend,” Ginny, who might just be willing to help them out. Bullock is willing to take one for the team, get Ginny out of her pants and slip Gordo the keys to get the evidence.

On his way out, Gordon comes across a mugging and saves the day. Since no good deed goes unpunished, he gets caught by a uniformed officer holding the knife he took from the thieves. The cop immediately recognizes the fugitive, but Gordon disarms him, stating that he’s innocent as he takes off into the dark alley.

RIP Elijah

Oswald is mourning the death of his father. He’s the only member of Elijah’s family who is. No sooner is the funeral over that Elijah’s wife, Grace, evicts him from the mansion. He begs and pleads, so she relents under the condition that Oswald work as a butler, waiting on her, Sasha and Charles. Her real motive is to keep Oswald close. Being Elijah’s only blood relative, he could make things difficult, especially if someone looks into the exact circumstances surrounding Elijah’s death. Her plan should end with a grief-stricken Oswald taking his own life.

Professor Strange Has a New Project

Barbara is up, around and undergoing therapy at Arkham. She’s claiming to be penitent and reformed, but Beatrice is convinced that it’s all an act. Professor Strange isn’t so sure, but he is intrigued and rejects the idea of putting her through the extreme therapy Oswald received.

Barnes is on the warpath, and the Governor is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who helps catch Gordon. The two load up the I.A. tape Gordon stole, but the voice is disguised. They need someone to clean up the tape.

Gordon Busts Nygma

Under the impression that Nygma is a pal, Gordon goes to him for help. Nygma listens to the tape, but other than distinguishing the sound of a bird, he claims there isn’t much he can do. Gordon suggests that Nygma make some attempt to clean the tape so they can isolate some distinguishing noise or sound. Most likely, that bird is going to be the giveaway.

Nygma digs to see where Gordon’s head is at and learns that Jim thinks Loeb could be to blame. The ex-commissioner still has lackeys in the department. Nygma gets testy when Gordon refers to the person who bludgeoned Pinkney to death as a psychopath. Nygma points out that Gordon kills people, but Jim’s justification is he did so in the line of duty.

Nygma says he knew the rumors weren’t true, the rumors that Gordon killed Galavan in cold blood, because that would make Gordon like the person he’s hunting, sick and diseased. Gordon questions if Penguin told Nygma anything about that night with Galavan, and Nygma says no. Now Gordon is suspicious because, let’s face it, you can’t hide crazy for long.

They listen to the scrubbed version of the tape, and while the voice is still a mystery, the bird in question is actually a cuckoo clock. No sooner does Gordon pull his gun on Nygma, accusing him of setting him up, than a cuckoo clock goes off in his apartment. Nygma, knowing he would be found out sooner than later, has wired Gordon’s chair, and Gordon gets a nasty shock and is out cold.

Nygma drags Gordon’s body out to his car, ready to bury him out in his favorite spot in the woods, but when he turns around, Gordon is gone. Nygma spots Gordon crawling through a window and shoots him in the leg, but Gordon, who’s had a really bad few weeks, makes it into a warehouse.

While Nygma follows the trail of blood, he tells Gordon why he set him up. Gordon manages to get away, and now he knows that Nygma killed Miss Kringle.

Selina and Bruce are still shacked up as she continues to tutor him on the inner workings of the criminal mind. Their dinner is interrupted when an injured Gordon stumbles in to Cat’s place.

Oswald Learns the Truth

Grace and her hell spawn make Cinderella’s step-mother and step-sisters look like the Brady Bunch. They abuse him verbally and physically. He’s cooking, cleaning and fetching cocktails for the lady of the manor. Oswald comes across the decanter of liquor that Elijah drank out of the night he died shoved in a drawer, and there’s a bit of liquid left inside. He sniffs it and something is off, so he pours some in a dish for the family dog. The dog drops dead, and just like that, Penguin is back.

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Gordon Devises a Plan

Gordon is resting at Bruce’s palatial estate. The young billionaire called Alfred after Gordon collapsed. Alfred wants to talk to Bruce, most likely about his lifestyle choice, but Bruce has no intention of coming back yet. Alfred has a lot on his mind, but Gordon interrupts before the trusted butler can get anything off his chest.

Gordon has been stitched up, and while he wants to know what Bruce is doing with Selina, Alfred wants to know what the detective is going to do about his particular situation. He knows he can’t go to the cops; he needs evidence. Gordon knows that Nygma met Penguin in the woods and figures that’s where Nygma buried his girlfriend’s body. The trick is getting Ed to lead them to the spot, and he’s recruiting Selina to help him.

Selina arrives at the station with information, claiming to want the money. She says Gordon is heading to see Penguin because he knows where the body is buried. Nygma overhears, which is exactly what Gordon counted on. Now Nygma will scurry off to the woods to cover his tracks.

Into the Wild

Professor Strange releases Barbara Kean. Beatrice points out that if Strange keeps releasing lunatics so liberally, he’s going to get a bad reputation. He’s a man with a plan. He wants to observe how Barbara behaves in the “wild.” Strange doesn’t know what Barbara will do, but he has no doubt it will be interesting.

Gordon Gets His Man

Nygma goes to the woods to dig up Kristen’s body and is interrupted by Gordon. Nygma thinks Penguin sold him out, but Gordon makes it clear that he outsmarted Nygma all on his own. Gordon wants to know how Nygma became the way he is, and Nygma states that he’s been this way all along.

Gordon didn’t come alone; Captain Barnes and members of the GCPD were hiding out all along.

Penguin Gets Revenge

Penguin prepares a roast for Grace, and he couldn’t be more accommodating. She wonders where Charles and Sasha are, and Penguin confronts her about killing his father. Then he claims that the roast she’s been eating is actually her children. A bit macabre, even for Penguin. Then he stabs Grace.

Bruce Makes a Choice

Gordon is back on the right side of the law, but he’s not ready to return to work just yet. Gordon tells Barnes that he promised Bruce Wayne he’d solve his parents’ murder, and he needs to do that first. Barnes points out that the case is closed and the perp is dead, but Gordon wants to know who hired Malone and why. He asks Barnes for the case file, and Barnes agrees as long as he also takes Lee’s number — she’s working as a medical examiner down south — and calls her.

Alfred tells Bruce that Lucius Fox fixed his father’s computer. He doesn’t want Bruce to involve Selina. Whatever Bruce’s dad was doing, there was a reason he was keeping it a secret, and Alfred doesn’t want Selina’s life in danger. He tells Bruce that it’s either the work or the girl. So Bruce gives Selina the boot.

New Chapters Begin

The newest patient to come under Professor Strange’s care is Ed Nygma. Penguin is back and worse than ever. The friendship between Bruce and Selina is finished, and Bruce is about to find out what his dad was up to in his secret lair. Oh, and Barbara’s first stop is to Gordon’s dingy apartment.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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