The chatter at my favorite Smallville site,, is that somebody might be leaving Smallville this season.  Say it isn’t so!  As much as I’d hate to see ANY of the Smallville regulars leave, (particularly Michael Rosenbaum who has, unfortunately, already announced his intentions to leave next season), you just can’t resist the sweet nector of speculation.  Who are the odds on?  Who are the odds off?  Is there anyone that Smallville can do without,  What loss would devastate fans of the show?

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Guest said: Smallville is the best movie that i’ve ever seen. I was watch this movie from first season till six season….

RJ said: This show is da bomb and i would hate to see any of the characters leave. I think for sure that Lana and Lo…

Madi said: Love smallville best show. i hate lex and lana together it’s kind of gross to me she should be with clark….

Listening to the experts, it seems the most obvious choice is John Glover, who plays Lionel Luthor.  Apparently he has announced some big career changes for 2007/2008 that don’t leave much room for a Smallville stint.  There can be no upside to this.  With Rosenbaum cashing in his Lex Luthor chips, and Lionel hitting the road behind him, Smallville would be left with a huge established villain shaped hole.  What would be the impact?  Smallville already faces a huge change to its dynamic with the absence of Lex, Lionel would have been a natural to uphold the walls of the story.

The A-List is pretty much off limits for this guessing game, so Clark, Lana, and Lois are safe.  Perhaps looking ahead to the finale can give us a better idea.  Spoilers ahead.

We know that the mystery of Chloe’s power is going to be revealed very soon, perhaps through a ‘Mommy Dearest’ stint involving former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter.  Could the revelation of her special ability be her swan song?   Imagine the tragedy of Chloe unleashing her abilities to save Clark at the cost of her own life, knowing the feelings that simmered between them.  Hmmm.  Would hate to see Chloe go, but y’know how these things are.

Of course, Kyryptonsite is quick to remind us that this is all a rumor, and as such may not hold any truth at all.  But isn’t it fun to wonder?

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