Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital might just be the most dangerous hospital in TV history given the last 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. The doctors die and leave the show almost as much as the patients. If fans thought the latest finale would be calm, apparently they will be sadly mistaken. According to the recent hints dropped up the cast, tragedy is headed to Grey’s Anatomy and it might just be in the form of another shocking character death. 

In a recent interview with TVLine about the season finale, which airs May 19, the cast opened up about what fans can expect and it’s not all sunshine. Kelly McCreary who plays Maggie said, “There’s definitely a potential disaster. There’s a lot of disaster potential, let’s put it that way.”

Jesse Williams, otherwise known as Jackson, was even gloomier. After saying that season 12 has even bigger climax than season 11’s finale AKA the one where Derek died, he went on to say the stakes are huge. “This finale is outrageous. The stakes are very, very high, particularly for Jackson and April,” Williams explained. “There’s a lot to be gained and there’s a hell of a lot to lose.”

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Martin Henderson, who plays Nathan, was perhaps the only cast member who stayed positive. Henderson said there is a lot of humor in the episode. He did admit that there is “some tragedy” but that the finale ends on a positive and optimistic note. 

These comments color an otherwise benign Instagram picture posted by Grey’s Anatomy star, Ellen Pompeo. The picture embedded below shows Pompeo just after drying off and she teases that the finale will be “wet”. 

The finale you ask? WET 💦💦💦

A photo posted by Ellen Pompeo (@ellenpompeo) on Apr 26, 2016 at 10:16am PDT

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that the Grey’s Anatomy will see Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital flooded and that’s why Meredith apparently gets all soaked. A flood would certainly qualify as the disaster that McCreary was hinting at in her interview.

Perhaps though the disaster and the tragedy will be of a much more personal nature. According to an interpretation of a recent Twitter post by actress Sara Ramirez, a fan favorite could be leaving the show. Ramirez took to Twitter to announce her wrapping season 12 and her comments certainly can be interpreted as a goodbye to the series as a whole.

Ramirez’s use of the word “wrap” is slightly concerning but her use of the hashtag for season 13 does suggest that Callie will continue on the show. However as TVLine reports Ramirez is one of several cast members whose current contract is set to end in season 12 and it has yet to be announced whether the contract will be extended or expire. 

Neither ABC nor Ramirez representatives have confirmed or denied that Ramirez is leaving. This fact could mean everything from that the fact she won’t be returning or there are contract negotiations currently happening. It’s not incredibly likely that Callie will leave Grey’s Anatomy but fans should prepare for the worst.

But what do you think? Is Sara Ramirez leaving the show after season 12? Do you want her to leave or to stay? Why do you think Meredith is all wet? What do you think the “potential disaster” is in the finale?

Grey’s Anatomy season 12 airs Thursdays at 8pm on ABC.

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