Ready to find out what Bones‘ latest serial killer does? Well, hopefully you’re prepared for a very creepy episode in “The Monster in the Closet.”

In this episode, evidence suggests that the killer lived with a decomposing body of a social worker found in the park for months before dumping it. Then, things get more complicated when they determine another set of remains has similar details, linking the victims to a serial murderer who had sinister interactions with his victims’ bodies. Booth and Aubrey turn to behavioral analyst Karen Delfs to help with clues to the killer’s identity. Meanwhile, Cam tries to figure out who she wants in her romantic life.

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“The evidence collected is far from normal,” Brennan tells Booth. Booth warns not to get into the killer’s head, but she’s not sure she can help it. In Karen’s expert opinion, it’s “totally cray-cray.”

Check out a sneak peek of Booth and Brennan trying to calm down Christine:

When Christine calls for her parents, scared of the monster that came out of her closet, they have different reactions. Booth reminds her that he scared the monster away when he tucked her in, while Brennan argues that monsters are not real and therefore there was nothing for him to scare away. Either way, he promises that he’ll never let anything happen to her.

Watch Hodgins being disrespectful to the living and the dead:

Their victim is dressed in dated clothes, prompting Hodgins to say she’s not just a murder victim but a fashion victim too and Brennan to remind him to show respect for the deceased. “Don’t hold your breath. These days, he’s not respectful to the living, so not sure why the dead would be different,” Angela says. “For one thing, she doesn’t talk back,” Hodgins replies. Ouch. And to think home is “worse” and this is Hodgins “at his happiest.”

As for the case, the damage to the left side of the skull isn’t going to make facial reconstruction easy, and the way the tissue is desiccated is “odd” to Cam. When Hodgins goes through the victim’s bag, he calls the others over to look at his “officially creepy” findings, vintage like the clothes: a mixtape (labeled “HOME”), a bible that’s been earmarked and lipstick.

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Check out a clip of Brennan finding out what she missed when she quit:

Arastoo fills Brennan in on a case that they caught after she and Booth quit their jobs. They never identified the remains and they don’t have a full skeleton, but both show the same holes in the radius and tibia and damage to the teeth, a sign that the killer spoon-fed his corpses (what seems to be some kind of porridge). They have a serial murderer on their hands.

Watch Angela and Cam discuss the latter’s love life:

Cam finds Angela in her favorite hiding spot, plotting how to kill her jerk of a husband. As Cam points out, if anyone can get away with it, it’s her. As for the men in Cam’s life, Arastoo turned down that job in Berlin, and with her admitting that it’s “really, really great” to have him back, Angela knows that Sebastian is about to get some bad news.

Bones season 11 airs Thursdays at 8pm on FOX.

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