Fans might still be mourning the news that Bones is going to end with season 12 but the show hopes to give fans everything they want before the final credits roll. A fan favorite character from Bones history might be making a return for the final season. The executive producer of Bones, Michael Peterson, recently talked to TVLine and said he very much hopes to get Zack Addy back for at least one appearance before the show ends. 

Zack was a big character on Bones in the first 3 seasons. Once it was revealed that he was working with the villain Gormogon he was written off the show and put into an asylum. Since then Zack and his actor, Eric Millegan, have made some guest appearances on the show. It’s been awhile since there has been a hint or sighting of Zack. His last appearance on the show was back in 2010, for episode 100 of Bones

Despite his long absence, Bones’ executive producer still recognizes the importance of Zack and the affection fans have for him. “I watched the show before I was ever writing on the show, and I think what Eric brought to that character was fantastic,” Peterson explained. “I’ll make a promise to try really hard to make [his return] happen.”

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Zack’s return is just one important thing that Peterson hopes to do in the final season of Bones. “I will say this: I know what the fans want, and as much of a roller coaster ride as we may put them through, we want to deliver,” Peterson elaborated. 

As for how Zack could possibly return, Peterson seems to have tipped his hat. When asked if Zack would get out of his current living quarters, the insane asylum, Peterson said, “”It seems like the right thing to do.”

But what do you think? Are you excited to hear that Zack might be coming back? Is there any other Bones characters you’d like to see return for the final season?

Bones season 11 airs Thursdays at 8pm on FOX.

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