Josh has strangely become one of Big Brother 19‘s most interesting and volatile houseguests. Josh has been quick to anger and even quicker to cry. Josh has been no stranger to fights in the house, managing to have some big blow-up with nearly everyone. For all his war of words though, Josh’s most frequent and exhausting fights have been with Jessica or Cody.

Is Cody Still Doomed on Big Brother 19?>>> The big rivalry, if something so petty can even be called a rivalry, culminated in Josh mercilessly annoying Jessica and Cody while they tried to win HoH. This act, along with everything else he has done, resulted in Josh becoming Jessica’s target during her Head of Household run. Yet all the other houseguests seem to enjoy Josh’s antagonizing of BB19‘s former power couple. So is Josh’s teasing of Jessica and Cody a good gameplay move or is he just being annoying and unsportsmanlike?

The Benefit of Being a Target

Josh has chosen a good target for its emotional outbursts. While Josh is almost certainly a hot mess and his actions are 99.9% ruled by his emotions, he has made a real effort to go after Jessica and Cody. Some of their altercations have been in the heat of the moment but most of the fights haven’t been a natural occurrence. Josh has deliberately and purposely gone after Jessica and Cody.  

It’s something that certainly hasn’t endeared him to Jessica or Cody but the rest of the house does seem to enjoy it. It helps that Paul has literally egged Josh on to annoy the two but everyone gets a real kick out of Josh’s antics. Alex, Jason and Ramses were having a giggling fit when Josh went after Jessica following his big blow-up with Mark. (The only thing the trio were missing was some popcorn.) Matt enjoyed Josh’s taunting at the HoH competition so much that Raven had to cover his laughter with her entire body. Jessica and Cody are so unpopular, due mainly to their own actions, that Josh kicking them when they’re down isn’t frowned upon at all, it is celebrated. 

Josh is also riling Cody and Jessica up perfectly. Josh isn’t a threat. He doesn’t seem to have any major alliances, at least no real ones. He is being used by stronger and better players as a vote but Josh has no real power and influence. Jessica and Cody would be best served by tuning Josh out altogether and not engaging with him. Yet they continually stoop to Josh’s level. 

Josh is Jessica’s number one target in the house, which is insane considering there are so many other threats to go after before him. Josh sending Jessica and Cody into such a blind rage is a dangerous move but it is proving to be a smart one. Those bigger threats like Paul, Alex or Christmas are going to want to keep Josh around so they don’t get targeted by Jessica or Cody next. It’s for this reason that Jessica’s pawn, Ramses, is likely to go home way before Josh.

A (Loud) Flash in the Pan 

Josh’s taunting is only a brilliant game move if Josh intended it to work out this way and that doesn’t seem likely. Josh seems to have lucked into this position and is being coached by Paul and the rest to stay there. Josh might choose to go after Jessica and Cody but it is not motivated by gameplay. Josh just really doesn’t like either one of them and can’t help himself from letting them know. It’s all personal and it is only houseguests like Paul who are seeing the gameplay potential. 

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Josh’s behavior towards Jessica and Cody has been nasty. Jessica and Cody are not the most likable people, especially Cody, but Josh constantly calling them “meatballs” and talking down to them just seems uncalled for and way too mean-spirited. This is especially true since Josh can’t seem to take ANY of his own medicine being shot back at him. Cody likely started this whole feud by insulting Josh but anytime Cody or Jessica have done anything but tell Josh to shut up, he devolves into a blubbering mess. Josh’s behavior toward Jessica and Cody might be fun for the houseguests but for the audience it can only be viewed as whiny, annoying and cowardly. 

There is also the fact that there is no long-term benefit to Josh’s taunting. It is becoming clear that Jessica and Cody’s days together in the Big Brother house are numbered once again. Once Jessica uses her Halting Hex and buys them safety, it is over. They will be separated eventually. Once that happens, Josh is not going to be a benefit to anyone’s game. Once Cody or Jessica goes, Josh loses all relevance in the game. 

But what do you think? Is Josh’s behavior helping him or is it just mean-spirited? Is Josh intentionally riling the two up to stay in the house or does it just happen to look that way? What do you think Josh should do moving forward? 

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