America’s Got Talent is celebrating its 10th season, with auditions currently airing every Tuesday on NBC. But could there be a departure from the judges’ panel when the show returns for season 11?

Howard Stern reportedly said on his radio show Wednesday morning that he will be leaving the talent competition series after the current season is over.

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Blogger Jeff Jarvis tweeted, “On the show this morning, @HowardStern pretty much definitely said he’s not going to do AGT next year. Has another TV opportunity.”

There’s no confirmation from NBC yet, but if he does end up leaving, this is a big change of thought from what “America’s Judge” said back in a December press release when it was announced he’d be returning for season 10: “I decided that a life without AGT is not a life worth living. America needs a caring, compassionate and wise judge and who am I to deny the people what they want? It would be selfish of me to walk away.”

The above tweet mentions that Stern reportedly has “another TV opportunity.” It’s unclear at this point what that opportunity is. An acting gig? A talk show? Something else?

According to Reality Blurred, NBC wanted to know Stern’s decision by July 4 so that they could move ahead with booking venues for season 11. America’s Got Talent left Los Angeles and moved production to New York City in order to accommodate Stern. But if he does in fact leave, AGT will likely move back to LA.

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Howard Stern joined America’s Got Talent in 2012 following the departure of original judge Piers Morgan, who left to focus exclusive on his CNN show, which has since been cancelled. The current lineup of judges, which also includes Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B., have great chemistry together, so it will be interesting to see how this shakeup affects that.

Speaking of what’s next, who might replace Stern? According to the radio host himself, AGT creator and former American Idol and X Factor judge Simon Cowell might take a seat in front of the camera; he’s already a judge on the British version.

If that happens, it wouldn’t be a surprise at all. Reports earlier this year said that Cowell was angling to replace Stern in 2014. It’s been obvious that Cowell has wanted to return to American television after the cancellation of The X Factor.

Will you be disappointed if Howard Stern does end up leaving? Would you definitely watch AGT if Simon Cowell became a judge? If not him, then who should join the judging panel?

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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