Big Brother 17 only has 14 new HGs, but in a new video released by CBS, it looks like there are two additional “secret” HGs, and the Internet has already come up with a popular theory on who they might be.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains potential Big Brother 17 spoilers.

In a new Meet the Cast video for Big Brother 17, the cast all write little notes on post-its and the video ends with all of the notes on a board together. However, there are 16 notes, which is suspicious as there have only been 14 new HGs announced. However, due to the 97-day season, many fans have suspected that there will be other people competing.

In addition, the note on the top left is from “Jackie,” a name that is not one of the 14 previously announced HGs. So who is this Jackie?

postits.pngThe Internet seems quite confident that she’s one half of Jeff and Jackie, a blind date couple from the most recent season of The Amazing Race. That’s right, it’s entirely possible that two people who competed on The Amazing Race will now spend the summer on Big Brother 17.

jeffjackietar.jpgIt’s not a huge surprise as contestants from the big three CBS reality shows often crossover. Big Brother winner Hayden Moss was on Survivor while Brenchel, Jeff and Jordan and other HGs have been on The Amazing Race. And Natalie, one of the “twinnies” from TAR, just won Survivor.

However, no one from Survivor or The Amazing Race has ever competed on Big Brother (though Russell Hantz‘s brother Willie did in season 14). That’s not a surprise since not only is it a pay cut (the other two offer million dollar prizes while Big Brother is just $600K), but it’s also much longer.

Will one of the twists be that an Amazing Race pair will compete on Big Brother? Could that mean the Duos twist from season 13 might come back to start the season? And will being a pre-existing pair make them a huge target from the beginning? More importantly, why would CBS bring in two of the most forgettable racers from the most recent season?

Find out if Jeff and Jackie really are the final two HGs and any other twists Big Brother 17 has in store on the two-night premiere Wednesday, June 24 and Thursday, June 25 at 8pm on CBS.

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