Is it possible to have too much House? I don’t think so but I am one among many of you. I am one small voice crying out in the halls of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. So I put it to you, when does your affection to this series become too much?

When does your fondness for House become more than just a fan watching their favorite show? At what point does it cross the line and become obsession?

Do you watch repeats? Many of us do since we have to wait till tonight’s premiere before we get new episodes. We’ve looked to FOX to provide but were disappointed so we turned to Bravo, USA and Sleuth. I suspect FOX  preferred we watch their summer programming. They also would appreciate it if we bought the House season six DVD thanks very much.

We did get to see a couple of episodes from the past season to prepare us for the season seven premiere. Did we watch? You bet your stethoscope we did!

But when does watching a show become an obsession?

This is a question on the fan designed PPTH Conference Room forum. There is a thread devoted to ‘You know you’re obsessed when…’ I asked fans some questions and wasn’t too surprised by the responses I received. Here is what I discovered.

Would you miss out on other things just to watch a first run episode?

Answer: Yes. One young person stays after school to finish up homework. Another person answered that she watches the show in two different time zones on the same night. Others design their calendar around House viewing.

Anything that keeps fans from watching this show needs to be rescheduled. That has included phone calls, meetings, family gatherings, dates, and work schedules. Of course there are ways to record it and it can be viewed on the FOX House fan site later in the week. But most want the instant gratification. So do I.

Is House your hobby? Do you surf the web looking for anything about it or it’s star Hugh Laurie?

Answer: again, yes. It wasn’t unusual to find we passionate fans have pictures on computers, other sites bookmarked and the DVDs. Some know at a glance which episode is being shown in repeat and have all the titles and synopsis’ memorized. I’m not one of them I’m a bit ashamed to say.

Some of us collect House novelties. Photos of any of the cast end up framed on office walls. I have a signed Hugh Laurie myself. Serious fans look for interviews and any mention of the cast in print. There have been websites created by fans about the show or one of its stars. Hugh Laurie figures prominently in these. As devoted fans we have also bought the different books about the show authorized or not.

Do you write or read fan fiction?

Out of the people I queried it was about 70/30. Some people read it and actively look for it on the web. Some of us write it and post it on forums or sites like

Can you have too much House?

This question was treated as a joke by most of the group I asked. Usually the answer was a resounding ‘NEVER’. But one answer made me think.

“It’s too much when it interrupts your daily life.”

In keeping with the original thread question of ‘You know you’re obsessed when…’ I asked the fans, When do you know you’re clinically obsessed?

“…that is fandom.  Obsession is a requirement to be in the club,” one answered.

Another answer that made me stop was this one.

“[You’re obsessed when] you can’t turn it off.  It invades dreams and thoughts come to you in the shower or at red lights in the car.”

Am I guilty of that? Are you?

“I am so obsessed that those who know me think of Hugh Laurie/ House– like a knee jerk. And I’m a grandmother and no spring chicken.”

To be honest I preferred these answers.

 “When someone says “house” you smile.”

“I’ve also befriended some [House fan] posters to personally share my obsession and the reasons behind it,” I was told.

“You read this question and hope you are,” replied another.

I asked other things like would you continue to follow Hugh Laurie’s career? Not really germane to this piece but I was curious. The people who answered said ‘yes’ by the way.

This wasn’t a scientific survey by any means. Just a Q & A with some devoted House fans. This is only a small sample of the answers I received.

Am I obsessed? I think I would have to say yes. I certainly have all the symptoms of being as such.

What about you? How would you answer any of these questions? Do our obsessions tell us something of ourselves? Or does it simply show our deep devotion to a TV program? Is all this just a hobby?

It is obvious these fans are not just casual viewers. Are you? I know I’m not. I hope that’s not a bad thing. Even so I’m not quitting. I love House. You may quote me.


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Jacky Jackman

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV