Dean Unglert didn’t win Rachel Lindsay’s heart on The Bachelorette but he certainly charmed most of the audience. When Dean entered Bachelor in Paradise season 4 it seemed he could do no wrong but that impression was very short-lived. Dean’s reputation has fallen straight off a precipitous cliff on Bachelor in Paradise as he has become embroiled in a messy love triangle with Danielle L. (a.k.a. D-Lo) and Kristina. It’s a little unclear if Dean is meant to be taken as the villain or just someone who is confused and indecisive.

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The Fall of Dean

The one thing that seems obvious about Dean during Bachelor in Paradise is that it was Rachel that really allowed him to shine. Dean became so likable during The Bachelorette because of how he opened up and because he was so vulnerable with his emotions and past. In Bachelor in Paradise Dean has become a mumbling and uncommunicative mess. 

Dean’s biggest problem on Bachelor in Paradise isn’t that he’s torn between Kristina and Danielle. It’s more than he has been frustratingly vague with everyone on his feelings, both the audience and the two girls. Dean hasn’t stated, clearly, why he’s interested in both women other than Kristina is “smart” and D-Lo is “hot.” 

Love triangles are the lifeblood of Bachelor in Paradise. They’re the quickest and most dramatic way to build relationship tension on the show. It’s not surprising if someone lands in a love triangle of Bachelor in Paradise, it’s surprising if they don’t. 

No one should be blaming Dean for being torn between two girls — having multiple romantic interests is the foundation of the franchise. Dean should be taken to task for how he’s dealing with it. Based on what has been shown so far, it seems like Dean is suggesting to both girls that there’s a future with them but has no intention of actually committing, which is just disrespectful. Sometimes it does seem that Dean doesn’t want either lady but he’s pretending he might, so he gets to stick around. 

The Whole Truth

On the other hand, the love triangle has been viewed almost entirely from Kristina and Danielle’s perspectives. Dean has had very little to no voice on the show. The most glimpses we’ve gotten into Dean’s mindset have been his whispered and circular argument with Kristina about the future of his relationship. 

It’s hard to remember the last time Dean had a private confessional, let alone one about his love triangle. With the other love triangles on Bachelor in Paradise the show has made clear what the intentions and feelings are of the person in the middle. Adam got a chance to define why he was torn between Raven and Sarah. Christen has explained her situation with Jack Stone and the Tickle Monster (AKA Jonathan.) There’s been no insight into Dean, however, besides his mumbling to other cast members. 

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Maybe the real culprit isn’t Dean but how he is being edited on Bachelor in Paradise. Dean might be trying to have his cake and eat it too with Kristina and D-Lo. On the other hand, he could be acting not that differently to the leads of The Bachelor or Bachelorette. Bachelor in Paradise is a different show but it’s not an entirely different one. Dean could see a future with both ladies, he’s just not ready to commit to either. 

If Dean’s indecision over D-Lo and Kristina is simply one is better looking than the other, then that would be rather reprehensible. Ultimately we don’t really know how Dean feels because we haven’t been told. The only inside perspective is from Kristina, who is more than a little biased about Dean’s decision. Dean could be an immature jerk who can’t make up his mind or he could be just as confused as every other Bachelor Nation lead before him. Hopefully, before season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise ends, we’ll get closure on the love triangle and clarity on Dean’s feelings. 

But what do you think? Is Dean treating both women unfairly? Do you think he’s truly torn between them or just messing with their feelings? Do you think either lady should end up with Dean?

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