Jack Bauer looking for revenge. Charles Logan looking for vindication. The fireworks from this collision course are just a matter of when, not if.

Jack is questioned by a nurse about Renee’s family, but he’s too distraught to give much of an answer. Another one kindly offers him some clean clothes she got from an intern. When Chloe calls expressing sympathy, all he wants are answers to his own questions. He learns that Renee recognized the phony EMT as a Red Square member and demands to know where Bazhaev is being held. Chloe’s reluctant to compromise her new duties but finally tells Bauer that the Russian is downtown being arraigned.

Ethan Kanin comes back to work looking even healthier than he did before his recent heart attack. How do I get HIS health plan? Although he brokered the Logan-Taylor meeting, he’s astounded to hear that Madame President gave her predecessor free rein without knowing the details of his plans.

Logan is at that moment meeting with Russian Minister Novakovich, who is amused until Charles says he knows the Russians have been behind everything, and if they don’t go back to the peace table then Taylor will know too. By the way, Logan adds, don’t try to call my bluff because I have proof.

Bauer speaks with Bazhaev after his arraignment and says if Josef doesn’t give him info on the shooter his family won’t even make it home from the courtroom. Considering Bazhaev has already murdered his own son, I’m not sure that’s such a threat. But apparently it is, because Josef tells Jack that the guilty party is the Russian government, not the gangs. This is turning out to be the worst-kept secret EVER. Jack is stunned to hear that he can get all his answers from the woman who works for them – Dana Walsh.

Logan is ecstatic when Taylor tells him the Russians have called and they’re back in. He thinks he’s got his ticket back into public service and, more importantly, the limelight. Ethan still wants to know just what ammunition he used but Charles remains mum. When Logan’s aide wants to discuss something with him, the former President is more interested in getting rid of the Secret Service agent who’s giving him the stink-eye. But his attention is refocused when he hears the name Jack Bauer. Learning that Bauer is doing his own investigation, Logan vows not to let Jack bring him down a second time.

As Jack arrives at CTU to question Dana, Chloe asks Cole to keep an eye on things. When Dana expresses surprise and dismay about Renee’s death, Bauer’s response is to start smacking her around the room. Chloe wants him to stop but Cole is enjoying this too much trusts Jack to get the job done. Sure enough, Dana doesn’t have Jack’s stamina when it comes to torture (and really, who does?) and offers up everyone in the chain of command along with proof. She’s still thinking clearly enough to demand that immunity be put back on the table, and Jack warns her that if she’s lying nothing will protect her from his fury.

President Taylor gives Dalia Hassan the good news that the delegation will accept her provided her own government does as well. Logan busts into the middle of this to demand that Bauer be reined in. He’s reluctantly forced to admit his knowledge about the Russians being behind the IRK threat. He still won’t reveal his sources, but says that Dana Walsh surely will. Now the President has good-angel Kanin perched on one shoulder, urging her to make this information public, and devil Logan on the other, appealing to the concept of “greater good” that all Presidents hope to achieve. Once he sweet-talks her by quoting Shakespeare it’s all over, and she heads over to see Bauer personally.

After thanking CTU personnel for their help today, Taylor asks Jack to stand down with regard to Dana. When she refuses to authorize immunity, Bauer realizes to his horror that she doesn’t want to know the truth. His claim that he wants justice, not revenge, fails to dissuade her as she orders him taken to McGuire AFB for “debriefing”, meaning detainment. But Jack manages to get the drop on his star-struck escort and hijack the helicopter. Chloe tells him via walkie-talkie that she’ll have to call in the military. Hmmm … in a showdown between Jack and the Air Force I know where I’d put my money. Next week a rogue Jack looks for help from a reservoir dog as Michael Madsen joins the cast, and President Taylor learns the concept behind another line from Shakespeare: pound of flesh.

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