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Gossip is no stranger to The Girls Next Door.  After reports of some backstage drama between stars Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson, rumors started to surface that the E! reality series will soon come to a close as the girls move out of the Playboy mansion to pursue their own dreams. Moreover, there’s even a controversy that Holly Madison is leaving Playboy founder Hugh Hefner for stunt performer Criss Angel, who presently stars on his own program Criss Angel: Mind Freak. Tittle-tattle has never really gotten under Hefner’s skin but now, he has decided to set the record straight.

“She is still my girlfriend,” Hugh Hefner told Us magazine in an interview.

Hefner, 82, and his number 1 girlfriend, Holly Madison, 28, are still very much an item.  In fact, they have been together for seven years.  However, Hefner does acknowledge the reality that they don’t see eye to eye on certain things, plus the fact that he won’t be around forever.

“Now will that last?  I don’t think anything lasts forever,” he said.  “I love her very much, but you know, she wants very much to get married and have children.  That isn’t very much in the cards for me.  So there has to be a certain reality there.  And I’m sure the time will come when she’ll be dating others.  That’s part of the transition.”

Unlike Hefner, Madison aspires to have a more stable lifestyle, referring to Hugh’s relationship with Kimberley Conrad, 45, to whom he is still legally married.

“I want to be with somebody who I can be married to, and have kids,” Madison said.

As for the buzz regarding Madison and Criss Angel, who were spotted together on a recent night out in Las Vegas, Hefner remains unimpressed with the rumors.

“One hopes that when she starts dating, she’ll have better taste,” Hefner said.

Fans can catch Hefner and his three girlfriends on The Girls Next Door, which returns for its fifth season on October 5.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Us magazine
(Image courtesy of E! )

Kris De Leon

Staff Writer, BuddyTV