Desperate Housewives came back Sunday night with a bang. The show kicked off its fifth season with 18.4 million viewers, the ABC dramedy’s largest audience since January 6.  With the show off to a good start, we can expect that good things are in store as the ladies of Wisteria Lane head further into the fast-forwarded-season.

According to Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, there will be several notable guest stars gracing Desperate Housewives this season.  Read on to find out about them.

As reported previously, Gail O’Grady, who is known for playing Donna Abandando on the police drama NYPD Blue and as Helen Pryor on American Dreams, has signed up to join Desperate Housewives as Wisteria Lane’s newest troublemaker who will set her sights on one of Lynette’s rapidly aged twins.  At the time the casting scoop emerged, producers of Desperate Housewives were still looking for someone to cast as O’Grady’s on-screen husband.

Now, the show has found its man.  Desperate Housewives has tapped O’Grady’s former American Dreams co-star Peter Onorati as the husband of her soon-to-be-introduced cougar character. Onorati, who played recurring character Dom in five episodes of American Dreams, will reportedly appear on Desperate Housewives on a recurring basis as well.  Onorati is also credited for Steven Bochco’s early ’90s legal drama Civil Wars where he portrayed divorce attorney Charlie Howell.

Moreover, Wisteria Lane will soon be welcoming a former resident in the form of Susan’s now-adult daughter Julie (Andrea Bowen).  Last season’s finale hinted on some of the big changes in store for the residents of Wisteria Lane this season.  While the biggest shock was Susan in the arms of a man (Gale Harold) who was not her husband Mike Delfino (James Denton), the most devastating for cast member Teri Hatcher was seeing Bowen, who has played her on-screen daughter since the premiere, depart the ABC dramedy.  Hatcher even reportedly slammed the producers of Desperate Housewives for axing Bowen, whose character on the series was sent off to college.

This fall, however, Susan will be reunited with her daughter and according to Entertainment Weekly, she’s got a hell of a surprise for her mother and it has something to do with her new boyfriend.

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