In the seventh episode of season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder, “Call It Mother’s Intuition,” Annalise and the students represent three siblings accused of trying to kill their mother. Meanwhile, Wes faces trouble from the police, and Frank reaches out to an old friend. With only two episodes remaining before the mid-season finale, we get closer to the reveal of who is under the sheet.

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Family Drama

In the case of the week, Annalise and the students are defending three siblings accused of conspiracy to commit murder against their mother. The woman was poisoned with antifreeze and she could die any day. The clients all insist they did not poison their mother, but it is clear that they all hate her. The prosecution has forced them into holding depositions before the trial because the victim could die at any time. Annalise says they need to get the case thrown out before the trial.

Once the students question their clients, it’s clear none of them can be put on camera in the deposition because they cannot contain their hatred of their mother. Annalise tells them to find an alternate suspect to throw at the prosecution and she says that the first person to bring her a good suspect will get an automatic ‘A’ on their mid-term. The students all look into employees at the family’s restaurant and Asher hits the jackpot when he finds out that the produce guy sent out an email about antifreeze a few weeks before the victim was poisoned.

Unfortunately, their female client says they cannot show that email to the prosecution because the produce guy sent it to her. She’d been seeing him for a year and he sent her the email as a joke. Her brothers wants Annalise to drop her as a client and just represent them, but Annalise says they are all implicated in the crime. If one of them looks guilty, they all do.

The siblings are brought in to give depositions. They all claim they love their mother and the graphic text messages they sent about killing her were just dark humor to deal with the stress of working with one’s family. Yet one of the clients, Jared, openly admits to wishing his mother dead after she taunts him in court.

Luckily, for her clients, Annalise realizes that their mother poisoned herself as a way to punish them. When the mother gives her deposition, Laurel confronts her in court. She basically gets the woman to admit that she knew about her daughter’s relationship with the produce guy because she read her daughter’s emails, including the one about the antifreeze. Annalise and Laurel both confront the supposed victim and she admits that she poisoned herself as a way to punish her children for taking her for granted. Laurel gets the automatic ‘A’ for her work in the deposition that clears their clients.

Wes Gets Into Trouble

As the episode begins, Wes is being questioned by an NYPD detective. He is asked if he saw Charles Mahoney at the scene of Wallace Mahoney’s murder. Wes lies and says he saw Charles standing in a doorway across the street. When Annalise finds out Wes lied to the police, she is pissed. Wes says he did it because the evidence they have against Charles could be thrown out, but Annalise points out that if Charles has an alibi, the cops will have caught Wes in a lie. Annalise then tells Wes that Eve said the cops are only interested in Charles right now, so he should be fine.

A few days later, Wes runs into Nate at the courthouse. They catch up for a minute since Nate hasn’t been around the house for a while. Nate says the NYPD was looking for Wes at the station and asks how things went. Wes tells Nate that his lawyer, a guy Annalise recommended, handled it. Nate is clearly still concerned, so he tells Wes to watch his back.

When Charles Mahoney’s lawyer gives a statement to the press saying that her client has an alibi that places him far from the scene of his father’s shooting, Wes realizes he might be screwed. Annalise comes clean and says she lied about talking to Eve. Eve moved away and Annalise hasn’t spoken to her in weeks. The Keating 5 freak out because they’ve realized that they’re not safe anymore. They all start going after Annalise for lying to them once again. They wonder how they’re supposed to trust her when she continues to keep them in the dark. Annalise decides to let them get it all out of their system so she tells them to come at her with all their accusations.

One by one, they lay into her about all the ways she has screwed up their lives. Some of those accusations are legitimate, and some aren’t. Wes has been quiet through the whole thing, but when Annalise tells him it is his turn, Wes doesn’t have anything to say. He claims she already knows how he feels about her. Annalise then tells them all to go home.

The next night, Wes comes to see Annalise. He tells her about running into Nate at the courthouse and says he wanted to tell Nate that Annalise is the one who should be careful of him. Wes apologizes for lying to the police and Annalise tells him that he just needs to say that he saw someone who looked like Charles at the scene of the shooting. Annalise also tells Wes that he doesn’t have the luxury of feeling guilty. His mother sacrificed everything so Wes could have a good life and they both owe it to her to make sure Wes does just that.

Happy Endings

Laurel and Wes are living in a blissful little bubble with none of their friends the wiser about their new relationship status. Wes even tells Laurel at one point that he’s wanted to be with her since that first day in class when Annalise tore into her after she answered the question for him. He says he kept quiet about his feelings because he thought Laurel was out of his league. Things must be pretty serious between these two if Laurel is letting out a casual “love you” during a drunken phone call.

Laurel and Wes aren’t the only couple having a good time this week. After poor Oliver gets up the courage to tell his new friend Thomas about his HIV positive status, Thomas makes it clear that he’s not ready to date someone who is positive. A heartbroken Oliver then shows up at Connor’s place. He knows it’s selfish to be there because he was the one who broke up with Connor, but he also says he misses Connor. Connor misses Oliver too, and this revelation leads to some long-awaited reunion sex in Michaela’s bed! (I don’t know if Connor and Oliver are officially back together now, but I certainly hope it’s moving in that direction.)

In Other News…

Annalise attends another AA meeting and listens as the university president talks about a time she drove drunk with her kids in the car. Her husband filed for custody the next day and now she only gets to see her kids during supervised visitations. After the meeting, the president mentions that she heard Annalise got a lawyer for Wes and Annalise wonders if she’s looking for a recommendation for herself. The president says she was just trying to be friendly, but Annalise doesn’t buy it.

Later, Annalise stops the president on campus and gives her the name of the best family attorney in the city. I hope this is the end of the animosity between these women. Annalise doesn’t need her boss as an enemy.

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Frank Comes Home

Bonnie knows Annalise is still worried about Frank so she suggests Annalise get Laurel to have her father look into Frank’s whereabouts again. Annalise says Bonnie should just call Frank herself, but Bonnie knows she isn’t the person Frank would reach out to. Bonnie is right, as we see when the camera pans away from Wes and Laurel during a mid-afternoon hook-up to reveal that Frank was waiting for Laurel in her apartment!

Frank apparently decides against talking to Laurel when he sees her with Wes because he then shows up on Bonnie’s doorstep. Frank tries to apologize for leaving her, but Bonnie isn’t having it. She doesn’t want his excuses for abandoning her. Bonnie lied to Annalise and risked everything to help Frank, and he repaid her by using her. Bonnie says Annalise was the only one who could see through Frank’s act to who he really was. A tearful Frank begs Bonnie for another chance, but Bonnie screams at him until he finally leaves her alone. (Liza Weil and Charlie Weber do a wonderful job with this scene.)

While Bonnie calls a sleeping Annalise to warn her about Frank being in town, Frank once again drops by Laurel’s place. (Does he still have a key or did he just break in both times? Either way, it’s creepy to just show up in your ex’s apartment unannounced.)

Someone Gives Evidence Against Annalise

In this week’s flash forward, we see Annalise being brought from her jail cell into an interrogation room. The detectives tell her that she is being accused of arson and first-degree murder. They have information from an anonymous source to tie her to the charges.

Later, we see Laurel wake up in the hospital. She has a tube in her mouth to help her breathe so she cannot speak. Meggy is there watching over her and Laurel gets Meggy to give her a pen. Laurel writes down Wes’ name, and Meggy says they are trying to find him. We then see the cops bring an immunity deal to the person who turned Annalise in. That person turns out to be Wes. Yes, in a shocking reveal, we learn that Wes is still alive. Wes turns down their immunity offer because he wants blanket immunity if he is going to help them take down Annalise.

Is Wes being genuine in betraying Annalise, or is this all part of Annalise’s plan? Is Wes helping her cover up the murder of whoever is under the sheet, or does Wes actually think Annalise is responsible for everything?

What did you think of this episode of How to Get Away with Murder season 3? How will Laurel react to Frank’s return? How will Annalise react when she finally comes face-to-face with Frank again? Are Wes and Laurel right to keep their relationship a secret from the others? Do you hope Connor and Oliver get back together for real? If so, should Connor finally tell Oliver the truth about everything that’s been going on in his life since they met? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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