There was a monster terrorizing Central City in The Flash season 3 episode 5, while the team adjusted to working with the newest Harrison Wells (H.R.) and Barry tried to get on the “right foot” with Julian in the lab. He managed to accomplish that, thanks to the truth about the creature in the city.

Here’s how Julian went from tattling on Barry to Captain Singh to agreeing to get a drink with him by the end of “Monster.”

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Julian Went to Captain Singh with a List of Rules Barry Violated

The Flash 305 tattletale.jpgThat list included: giving himself unauthorized access to his colleague’s case files, repeated absences, disappearing throughout the day, phone call interruptions, guests in the lab and, after Barry was late to the meeting, tardiness. To Julian’s dismay, however, Singh only told Barry not to put all his good work in jeopardy by thinking the rules didn’t apply to him.

Barry Made a Deal with Julian

After essentially not even trying to come up with an excuse for his absence for the past hour, Barry tried to find a way to “find the right” foot with Julian and proposed a deal: if Julian let Barry shadow him on the case, he’d give up the lab and move to a storeroom downstairs.

Iris Suggested Barry Try to See Things from Julian’s Perspective

Maybe he had a reason to dislike both Barry and metas.

Barry Began Working with Julian

The Flash 305 work.jpgWhile investigating the monster in the city, Barry got Julian to begin talking about his dislike of metas — including the Flash. Because of him, the police were lethargic, Julian explained. Why do anything if the Flash was just going to save the day all the time? That was just one more thing for them to disagree on.

However, Julian did admit that Barry might have a brain after he suggested that whoever was watching or controlling the monster needed to keep it in visible range, explaining why it the creature’s movements were contained to one area.

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Julian Revealed Why He Hated Metas and Put an End to the “Internship”

He didn’t need a personal reason, Julian explained. He just had to see person after person be given these abilities and then waste them by robbing banks, hurting people and spreading fear instead of helping people and improving the world. After Barry tried to argue that it couldn’t be easy to be a meta and adjust to that change, Julian couldn’t believe he was defending them and ended their internship.

The Flash Stopped Julian from Shooting a Kid

The creature was just a hologram, being controlled by a kid, and The Flash arrived in time to stop Julian from killing the teenager.

Julian Agreed to Get a Drink with Barry

The Flash 305 drink.jpgThe kid he almost killed had just been acting because he was scared and wanted everyone to feel like he did so he could feel powerful, Julian told Barry. He knew what that was like.

Julian revealed that he came from a wealthy family in England and he was the heir, but he wanted more and left so he could become a great scientist. Then the world changed, and he didn’t know a thing about metas and he was rendered useless. He felt powerless. Barry knew how that felt, but change could be a good thing and bring new experiences and opportunities. People can become potential enemies or new friends.

Julian stopped him from packing up to move. He could stay in the lab. “I was really wrong about The Flash,” he admitted. “I could be wrong about you too.” When Barry asked if he wanted to get a drink, Julian agreed.

What do you think about the dynamic we’ve seen between Barry and Julian thus far and the step they took in “Monster”?

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