Well, NCIS fans, I have been in denial ever since I heard that Michael Weatherly, who plays “Very Special Agent” Tony DiNozzo, will be departing the show at the end of this season.  DiNozzo is one of the four original characters that started with the show, and the thought of NCIS without the charming and wise-cracking agent is unimaginable. Alas, I have to face the facts: NCIS will be down one agent when DiNozzo departs. 

So how, exactly, should DiNozzo leave the long-running show? Many fans were unhappy with the way that Ziva David, played by Cote de Pablo, was written off the show. Ziva’s decision to leave the team and stay in her native Israel came out of nowhere, and didn’t make much sense.  Let’s see how the writers should send off DiNozzo.

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Moving on Up

Will Tony finally get his due and get his own team? Tony did a great job being in charge with his “campfire” meetings while Gibbs was retired. He has been an agent with NCIS for a long time, so will he finally decide to step into a more senior role? I think that Tony getting a promotion and his own team in another location would be a great way to say goodbye.

Caring for his Dad

Tony has certainly had his ups and downs with DiNozzo, Sr. His Dad has always been a bit shady and maybe not exactly father of the year material. Tony has had to accept that his father is getting older, and it is plausible that Tony might need to relocate to care for his aging father.

Reuniting with Jeanne

Perhaps Tony will fall in love, and leave NCIS behind to have a wife and children. Tony has always loved the lifestyle that goes along with his job, but as he has gotten older he seems to be thinking of the stability of a having a family. Earlier in season 13, Tony was reunited with one-time love Jeanne Benoit. Yes, she is now happily married to a doctor, but perhaps Jeanne will become a divorcee, or even a widow. 

This relationship was a big step in Tony’s life, and he secretly did love Jeanne, even though he was undercover to gather information on Jeanne’s father. He may have lied to Jeanne and told her that he never loved her, but their reunion when Tony helped rescue Jeanne’s husband reminded us of how much we enjoyed seeing this couple together.

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A Dead End

I really, really hope that that Tony doesn’t die. NCIS has a track record of not being shy about killing off main characters, like Special Agent Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander), and NCIS Director Jenny Shephard (Lauren Holly.) Gulp! While the agents face dangerous situations every day, I don’t want Tony to die from a rare disease, or from catching a bullet. I think the fans are much too attached to Tony for him to go out in such a permanent manner. While other characters have appeared after their death (Hello, ghost Mike Franks) it would just be weird to have that happen to DiNozzo.

Reuniting with Ziva

Devoted fans of NCIS have always wanted a resolution to the “Tiva” story. We want to see Tony and Ziva actually in a relationship and in love. While Ziva’s exit may have disappointed many fans, having Tony leave to be with Ziva would be a great way to satisfy fans, and also leave the door open for Tony or Ziva to return to NCIS. 

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Personally, I would like a “Tiva” wedding, but I know that the writers won’t go that far. Still, a reunion with Ziva would be the way that I would love to see Tony leave. Will the writers’ give long time NCIS fans the resolution that they have been craving for so long? I guess we need to stay tuned to find out!

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