After three years of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting, the Golden Globes went back to Ricky Gervais. Some of Ricky’s jokes were hilarious, some were mean and some were a bit of both. Okay … so most of them were just downright mean. In any case, here is our rundown of Ricky Gervais’ funniest and meanest moments from the 2016 Golden Globe Awards.

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The Funniest Moments

The Introduction of the Head of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association

It’s not really surprising that Ricky had something insulting to say when introducing the Head of the HFPA. It’s a given to make fun of these types of people on award shows. That being said, it was a somewhat clever twist saying that the man’s presence is as depressing as the typical “In Memoriam” section of an awards show. To be fair, Ricky actually held back in making fun of the head of the HFPA because he could’ve easily made fun of the man’s appearance. Am I the only one who thought the guy looked like an anthropomorphic turtle?

Matt Damon, the One Person Ben Affleck Hasn’t Cheated On

Ricky’s refusal to let go that The Martian was being classified as a comedy was kind of endearing. Ricky’s introduction of Matt Damon as the only person Ben Affleck has been faithful to was perfect. It was the best kind of Ricky Gervais joke. It was quick, brutal and totally unexpected.

Making Alan Cumming Lose His Mind

The jokes about Mel Gibson’s racism and antisemitism were kind of whatever; there were definitely worse and less funny things said by Ricky. The censored question that Ricky asked Mel after the latter had come out on stage was definitely the best part — not because of what was actually asked, though a Google search will tell you. It was more for the reaction it caused. The Golden Globes cutting to The Good Wife star Alan Cumming’s utterly shocked expression with his hand clasped over his mouth might have been the night’s funniest moment. 

The Meanest Moments

The Tone-Deaf Monologue

The opening monologue had some genuinely funny moments. There were far more misses than there were hits for Ricky, though. He opened on some nasty jokes about transgender issues (Jeffrey Tambor was not very amused) and ended with a reference to him sodomizing himself with a Golden Globe. That’s all that really needs to be said. I know Ricky’s whole shtick is that he doesn’t care, but it wasn’t a great opening note for this stint of his hosting duties — though I will admit that his jokes about how little the Golden Globes matter were fantastic.

Donald Trump Wants to Deport Eva Longoria and America Ferrera

This isn’t so much mean as just unfunny. It was pretty easy to guess that once Longoria and Ferrera were said together in the same sentence, Ricky would have some joke about their race. So I guess we should be “grateful” that it wasn’t that offensive, but it also wasn’t enjoyable. No one needs to be reminded of Donald Trump’s racism and his willingness to deport people. Furthermore, Eva Longoria and America Ferrera’s own bit that followed the introduction — running through all the Latina actresses they aren’t — was much funnier. (P.S. Golden Globes: if you’re looking for two more ladies to host next year…)

Brad and Angelina are Going to Adopt Kevin Hart and Ken Jeong

Ricky introduced presenters Kevin Hart and Ken Jeong as the next two people Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were going to adopt. Yeah … at least Kevin and Ken found this funny, but they might have been the only ones. We’re still considering jokes about Brangelina’s adopting children funny and/or “edgy”? They were never exactly funny, but we are about five years past from them even being relevant.

But what did you think? Were there more laughs than groans for you in watching Ricky Gervais host for a third time? Or vice versa? Did you prefer Tina and Amy as hosts? Do you think the Golden Globes should bring him back for a fourth time?

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