With the death of one Agent Al Gough, there’s space to fill on Flash Forward.  Sure, Lee Thompson Young will be missed.  But he’ll probably end up back on Scrubs or something.

Moving on, showrunner David Goyer has revealed to MTV News that there are exciting new characters headed to the show.  Of course, only a few episodes have been aired, making the entrance of these new ones inevitable.  Still, it’s interesting to see what these guys have planned for Flash Forward, especially since the whole premise of the series revolves around the future.

“We’re introducing quite a few new characters down the line,” Goyer told the publication.  He then proceeded to reveal more about that Somalian boy seen in episode 3, who witnessed the death of crows and humans in his hometown.

“We have already written that character as an adult,” the Flash Forward executive producer said.  “We’re hoping to have a certain actor play him.  We haven’t nailed it down yet, but we’re crossing our fingers.”

Another character to be introduced is one named Miles Fogel, someone deemed highly important to Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes).  That is, in a negative way.

It was reported earlier that Sleeper Cell actor Michael Ealy will be joining the cast, and Goyer pointed out that he’ll be the one to play this character.  “He effectively becomes a series regular with [episode ten],” the showrunner announced.

If those appearances still aren’t enough to fill a fan’s curious mind, David Goyer teased one more.  It’s the mysterious woman in Bryce Varley’s flash-forward, which even I’m eager to see.

“That’s the subject of episode nine, which is almost entirely his episode,” Goyer divulged.  “We introduce another of our cast members in that one — her name is Keiko.  She’s from Japan, and I can’t say too much more about who she is, but she’s involved in Bryce’s story.”

That’s three new strikes for characters on Flash Forward, but there’s one more left to tackle.  Actor Callum Keith Rennie was seen on a previous episode of the show as Jeff Slingerland, spotted as the current “Reynaud” during the Blue Hand Club meeting.  Goyer says he’ll be back, and it looks major since he’s already slated to appear next season.

The Flash Forward showrunner said that Rennie will return “two or three more times this season and potentially for the second season.”

Though things are only just beginning for Flash Forward, we’re thankful for these little glimpses of the show’s future.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: MTV News
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