We’ve been How I Met Your Mother-less for the past two weeks (last week’s episode was preempted due to President Obama’s press conference), and we’re not going to get another one for two more weeks, when “The Stinsons” airs on Monday, March 2.

This dearth in How I Met Your Mother is decidedly un-awesome, and leaves us all with an empty hole in our hearts. There is sadness in all the land, but thankfully, the last new episode that aired, “The Possimpible” provided so much great material that I, for one, am still talking about it. Here’s the quick and dirty recap of the episode: Robin (Cobie Smulders) is going to get deported if she doesn’t find a new job in five days. Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) helps her with her video resume, while the rest of the gang decides that their own CVs deserve a quick editing too.

It’s amazing to me how one hour of updating my resume can transform me from a bright, confident woman into an emotional wreck, a veritable shell of a person. Leave to the genius team of Craig Thomas and Carter Bays to turn something as odiously unpleasant and discouraging as job hunting, and turn it into an amazing half hour of comedy. I can only imagine what it must be like to be looking for a job right now, with the economy in a shambles. Thankfully, I’m still gainfully employed at BuddyTV (knock on wood!).

So, with that, I’d like to highlight the resumes of some of my favorite characters from my favorite show on TV, How I Met Your Mother.

Marshall Eriksen

During the course of the “The Possimpible,” Marshall (Jason Segel) decides that his title in the 1995 Nicollet County Slam Dunk is probably not something that needs to go on his resume anymore, even though he was known as “The White Windmill.” The funny thing about this is that even though he deletes this entry, he still keeps the item below, which shows that he was the camper of the year in 1990 at Lutheran Hills day camp. If he had only been named camper of the month, say, none of his potential employers would have given him the time of day, I’m sure.

Ted Mosby

The item on Ted’s (Josh Radnor) resume that he decides to delete was regarding his stint as program director for his college radio station. (You should definitely follow this link to listen to some of Ted’s shows here. There are such gems as “Lactating truth milk for you from my mind nipple.”) The thing with Ted’s resume is that I think being a program director of a college radio station is actually pretty impressive and a good thing to put on one’s resume. Much more impressive than being a lifeguard, anyway.

Lily Aldrin

Lily (Alyson Hannigan) was the only one of the gang who doesn’t delete anything from her resume. Instead, she updates it with her new speed eating record (33 hot dogs in eight minutes, up from 29). I’m not entirely certain whether speed eating would help get you a job or not, but I did love that Alyson’s super-cute pregnant belly was written into the episode. Oh yeah, and I also wonder how truthful she is regarding her fluency in Italian.

Barney Stinson

Barney wouldn’t be Barney if he didn’t have a completely awesome resume. His isn’t just laser-printed on ecru-colored, high-quality cotton-fiber paper, or typeset into a beautiful PDF document. Oh no, it is a most ridiculous (and awesome!) video, available for the world to see at BarnyesVideoResume.com, sponsored by Goliath National Band, natch. You can view it in awesome resolution or not as awesome resolution, and it has its own theme song, sung by Not Barney. After viewing this resume, I know that he is trustworthy, punctual, detail-oriented and awesome. I would most definitely hire this guy.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find Robin’s video resume online. It was made by Barney, though, so you know that it is, in a word, awesome.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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