They come, they go.

It’s not just the patients that check in and out of the hospital frequently on House. Even the doctors and other main characters sometimes have limited stays on the medical drama. In upcoming weeks, we will see a new character arrive, a recurring character leave and an old character return.

As has been well-publicized, Candice Bergen will appear on House as Cuddy’s mother. The character, as seen in publicity photos, does not seem to have much fear of House. While that’s a good thing for the show, it could mean trouble for the House-Cuddy relationship.

Want a glimpse of exactly how not-scared Mom Cuddy is? Check out this video (originally posted on TVLine) that shows House, Cuddy, Rachel and (for some reason) Wilson having a get-to-know-you dinner with Mom:

Safe to say that she has some concerns about her daughter’s relationship.

Departure and Return
Even though she hasn’t been around for very long, Amber Tamblyn’s character of Martha Masters doesn’t have much more time on House. TVLine reported that the medical-student character would exit the series this spring.

Amber Tamblyn was never supposed to last too long on House and mostly seems to have been a replacement for the missing Thirteen. Now, her time is up. David Shore, the creator of House, confirmed the departure with a little sadness: “I wish she was sticking around, because she’s wonderful.”

Still, all those concerned about the status of feminism on House’s team can rest easy. As Masters departs, Thirteen will return. The two characters will even briefly share the House screen. And then Masters will be gone.

Although Shore promises a “good sendoff” for Masters, the reasons for the characters’ departure and the circumstances that specifically surround it remain vague. Will Masters want to pursue yet another course of study? Is House going to prove too much for the young doctor-in-training? Or does she just have classes to attend?

What do you think about the characters both coming and going on House? Are you excited to see Candice Bergen? Let us know in the comments!

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