We still have more than a week until we get a new episode of Bones. But here are some news tidbits to help you pass the time until then.

Negotiations Continue for Bones‘ 7th Season
While Fox has not formally announced a 7th season pick-up for Bones, negotiations are reported to be underway and heading in a positive direction. The show is produced by 20th Century Fox-Television, so there isn’t exactly a lot of conflict of interest going on. And, according to Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly, “That’s not going to be an acrimonious thing.”

So we have to wait. But hopefully for good news.

Relationship Spoilers for Bones
There’s still no final departure date for Hannah. Sorry.

But there is some other news on that front. According to the “Ask Ausiello” blog, various characters will at least talk about the situation with the infamous Hannah.

At some point in April, Brennan and Booth will find themselves trapped in an elevator. Per series creator Hart Hanson, “It’s one of those things where they’re forced together and they have to figure some things out.” It’s entirely possible that the “things” in question will not lead to romantic involvement, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. And yay for getting the two of them alone in an enclosed space!

Booth and Brennan won’t be the only pairing to have a Hannah-based conversation. In an upcoming episode, Brennan will have a heart-to-heart with Angela about Booth’s girlfriend. At least this conversation will definitely touch on the emotions of it all.

More Details on the “Locator” Spin-Off
The potential Bones spin-off, based around a character known as “The Locator,” seems to be going ahead. An episode of Bones, scheduled to air in April, will introduce the spin-off’s main character within the context of the older show. Some sort of investigation will take the Bones team to Key West, Florida. There, they will interact with a “finder” for hire, the “Locator.”

While there are no reports of casting or a final title, there is at least part of a script out there. Hart Hanson posted on his Twitter account on Jan. 9: “The spin-off script is writ. @DanSackheim is off looking for ways to shoot it. What can possibly go wrong?”

Are you looking forward to the spin-off series? Or are you just concentrating on Hannah for now? Leave a comment to let us know!

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