Scandal has found its Donald Trump. In “I See You,” the show brought back abrasive billionaire oil tycoon Hollis Doyle, played by Gregg Henry, to run for president.  Fans will remember him from season 2 as the mega-donor for Fitz’s first campaign who rigged the voting machines in Defiance and covered it up by killing Quinn’s boyfriend.

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Now he’s back and after meeting with Mellie Grant and Susan Ross to decide which candidate to back for president, Hollis Doyle decided to run himself, stealing Mellie’s slogan that promises to “Embrace America’s Tomorrow,” as long as that tomorrow doesn’t include immigrants or refugees.

It’s impossible not to see the very obvious parallels Scandal is drawing between Hollis Doyle and real-life Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. Beyond the fact that both are billionaires with multiple marriages who’ve never run for office before, Doyle’s rhetorical style and politically incorrect statements are a dead ringer for some of the things Trump has said on the campaign trail. Heck, after this, Trump might even hire Shonda Rhimes and the Scandal writing staff as his speechwriters.

But in case you missed it, here are the craziest Hollis Doyle quotes from this week’s episode of Scandal, all of which could just as easily have come out of the mouth of Donald Trump.

About Divorced Women (to Mellie):
“Divorce suits a woman well. I can see it in your hips there, you’re leaner and meaner. You slap that figure onto, the men will come running, I promise you that.”

About Being Rich (to Mellie):
“I got money, Republican money, the kind of money that wins elections. And just like it is with dating, I want to spend it on a gal who I think’s gonna put out for me. You gonna put out for me, Mellie Grant? Or are we just gonna rub jeans together and leave here frustrated?”

About the EPA (to Mellie):
“I’m looking to raze that building to the ground. I’m an oil man, darling. You promise me you’ll consider pulling the plug on that there travesty, I’ll write a check right now for half a billion dollars.”

About Immigration (to Mellie):
“Now let’s dig into the issue of them freeloading illegals.”

About Embracing America’s Tomorrow (announcing his candidacy):
“Kids are gonna have to work hard, no shortcuts, and if you’re some pesky little border-crosser, a sad little refugee begging for a hand-out, you will not be welcome. This is America’s tomorrow, not yours!”

Fitz About Hollis Doyle’s Candidacy (to Susan Ross):
“Hollis Doyle running for president, this ought to be fun. Hollis is a joke, no one will take him seriously. I assure you he’s not gonna be a problem.”

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