Both Heroes and Lost will be making high stakes appearances at the fast approaching San Diego Comic-Con. Heroes will be introducing clips from its forthcoming season as well as unveiling its high definition HD-DVD season one box set. Lost will be breaking months of radio silence to shed light on the shocking revelations of its season three finale, giving the first public look at the top secret Lost video game in development at Ubi Soft, will discuss the fourth season, and share some bits of info on the upcoming season three DVD box set and Verizon Mobisode campaign. Which show will walk away with the most post convention buzz? 

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Heroes has the advantage of being just a few months away from its second premiere. The Heroes audience is still very much caught up in the afterglow of the season one finale and don’t even need a lot of stroking to stay hyped for the fall premiere of season two. On the other hand, some of the larger deals made around the show, such as the marketing deal with Nissan, have left an icky commercialized film on the show.

Fans on the official boards have made a joke over how every Nissan vehicle that appears in Heroes never has so much as a spec of dust on it, regardless of its context. Trumpeting the product placement deal to the public may have been a little below the interest level of the fan base. Such information is usually more celebrated in boardrooms than in fan communities.

The world tour, backed by a Nissan logo of course, also turned out to be a little anticlimactic for American fans when it was learned that the cast members involved in the tour were focusing on season one material in fresh markets rather than helping to build buzz for season two.

Luckily for Heroes, the show has a tremendous fan base that is relatively un-phased by such indiscretions. Nonetheless, you have to wonder what NBC’s marketing folks are up to pumping American fans full of information that has such little to do with their perspective of the show.

Lost, on the other hand, faces an even larger challenge. Lost fans must wait seven more months for their show to return, and then for an abbreviated sixteen episodes. The producers went into ‘radio silence’ after the season three finale to allow a stunned fan base to digest the revelation that getting off the island was not the final end game of the show. Their plan worked.

The unexpected vector of speculation has put many of Lost‘s fan board gurus back to the drawing board. The appearance at San Diego will, if it follows the tradition of previous appearances, provide even more fuel for speculation. There has to be enough fuel, however, to get fans through the seven months that separate them from season four.

Lost, indeed, has the most at stake when it comes to walking off with the Comic Con buzz. But Heroes may yet have some trick’s up their sleeves.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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