Can people with special abilities live in the real world out in the open? That seems to be what the Carnival is struggling with, much like the very premise of Heroes. With five remaining episodes left before season 4 comes to an end, we’ll hopefully get some answers as Samuel’s master plan comes to fruition. Series creator Tim Kring hints on several things to expect for the last episodes, including a strange alliance and what should be done to take down this season’s villain.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

The Strange Alliance

When Heroes returned for its two-hour episode earlier this week, fans saw a very different Sylar— someone who’s on a quest to find out what his life is all about. “He was told he would die alone, and that starts to play on him.” And according to Tim Kring, that very quest will lead him to Peter. “There is some unexpected stuff between him and Peter in the last two episodes. A strange alliance has to be formed [to save the world].”

Samuel’s Motive

Kring says that Samuel’s underlying motive is not so much about what he wants to avenge, and it will all be revealed in Episodes 15 and 16, which is set to air on January 11 and 18 respectively.

Fighting Samuel

As powerful as Samuel is, the only thing that can weaken him is if he’s isolated from people with abilities. “Samuel has no power unless he is surrounded by other people. So in some ways it’s about getting people away from him as opposed to bringing people towards him,” Kring says.

This will hopefully disprove theories that Heroes will be uniting for a big showdown, which, according to Kring, is a shooting nightmare.  “First of all, logistically it becomes very hard to get everybody into one place. Most television tries to avoid more than two people in a scene, for just that reason,” he says.

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Kris De Leon

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