We still have a long way to go on One Tree Hill before season 7 concludes and that means anything can still happen. So far, we’ve witnessed a few odd turns, including a phony sex scandal, a May-December marriage and a ghost wife, but it looks like the people behind the show are gearing up for something even bigger that will create quite a stir among One Tree Hill fans.

According to cast member Lee Norris, who plays Mouth on the CW drama, someone is returning to Tree Hill and it’s someone from a distant past.

“In terms of juicy guest stars, they keep things pretty tight-lipped,” Norris told Movieweb.com in an interview. “They don’t really tell us that much, honestly, but I would just say… in fact, they’ll kill me if I say too much. I would say that there are certainly characters from the distant past that inevitably tend to turn up in the show. Given how our tagline used to be ‘A Tangled Web,’ I think you can definitely expect to see a face coming back that’s a blast from the past, that you wouldn’t expect, that’s really going to tie together a couple of the core characters in a really awkward way.”

A familiar face that would tie some loose ends in a really awkward way? Well, that should give One Tree Hill fans a lot to ponder about. For sure, many will toy with a possible Lucas or Peyton return, especially after Rachel suggested bringing Lucas on Dan’s show as a guest star because he isn’t doing anything else, but that might be wishful thinking considering the messy controversy attached to Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton’s exit.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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