If there’s one episode worth checking out, it’s tonight’s “Hysterical Blindness,” the fifth installment from Heroes‘ fifth season. For several weeks now, fans have been talking about the controversial kiss between Hayden Panettiere and Madeline Zima, though not everyone is onboard for some girl-on-girl action. Has Heroes really jumped the shark? Or will the lesbian plot stir the show in the right direction? We find out tonight at 8pm on NBC.

Before anything else, here’s what happened so far on Heroes: Nathan came clean to Millie that he was responsible for the death of her daughter Kelly and was consequently abducted and killed by a hitman hired by Millie as part of her revenge plot—which eventually triggered Sylar (Zachary Quinto) to resurface and crawl out Nathan’s grave.

Sylar’s back alright but he’s not the same person he used to be. In fact, he can’t remember who he is and why he ended up in a forest wandering alone. When a Baltimore police detective (Ernie Hudson) encounters the newly “resurrected” Sylar, he seeks the help of a shrink to help on the case.

Meanwhile, Samuel (Robert Knepper) is still determined to find his late brother’s replacement so he prepares for the new additions to his family, while Lydia (Dawn Olivieri) warns him of the consequences. Elsewhere, Peter gains new powers when he saves Emma when she’s nearly run over by a car and then finds a way to connect with her.

As for Claire, she discovers that her roommate Gretchen may have a hidden agenda when she finds information about herself in Gretchen’s computer. It also doesn’t help that Gretchen continues to display a creepy stalker side. This all leads to a confrontation between the two girls and eventually some girl-on-girl action. 

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