There’s been a lot of trouble in paradise in the Bones universe lately, and most of it surprisingly isn’t even revolving around Booth and Brennan. Ever since Hodgins’ accident, tensions have been incredibly high as he’s tried to adjust to a new normal while Angela has tried to remain supportive through his outbursts and attitudes. Every relationship goes through struggles, but Hodgins and Angela need to have a long, serious talk if they’re going to be able to go forward from this.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for season 11 of Bones.

Hodgins’ Paralysis is a Huge Weight

Bones-Hodgins-Paralysis.gif It’s no secret that Hodgins’ paralysis has caused a major strain on his relationship with Angela. It’s no easy thing to go through, but his reaction to it has been less than ideal and it’s causing some pretty big problems between them, mostly in the way it’s changing how Hodgins is acting.

It’s been known since early on in the series that Hodgins has a bit of an anger issue. For the most part, he’s been able to keep a pretty firm lid on top of it, but early in the series, we saw him struggle. Having such a drastic physical change happen in his life which limits him quite a bit has been really difficult for him to deal with, making that lid that much harder to keep on. We’ve seen him have slight outbursts here and there as he gets frustrated about having to be helped or accommodated to. While that’s natural. it’s really not fair to Angela, who wants nothing but to support him and make things easier for him. It becomes so much harder to do that when Hodgins not only lashes out over the help, but also is dishonest with her about his actual condition. We’ve seen him do both of these things a number of times now.

A big question that fans are asking is whether or not he’ll ever be able to walk again. If that is even a possibility, it seems unlikely that we’d see it this season. An injury as serious as his would be near impossible to fully heal that quickly. If there’s a chance of it, we probably wouldn’t see Hodgins on his feet until season 12. However, maybe we as fans, but also Hodgins as the character need to accept that he’ll never walk again. This is a huge adjustment to his character, but it could very likely be permanent. If that’s the case it will be very interesting to see how he moves forward. He just needs to change his current attitude if he wants to ensure that he moves forward with Angela by his side.

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Angela is Questioning Her Life Choices

Bones-Angela Life.gifIn an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bones EP Michael Peterson said that, “[Angela] is really going to bear the brunt of [Hodgins’] emotions. That will lead to temptations.” He went on to say that, “Angela is going to need a shoulder to lean on.” What these temptations may be and whose shoulder she leans on is unclear, but there’s definitely room to speculate.

For one thing, we know that Gil Darnell who plays Sebastian Kohl, Angela’s mentor will make an appearance in episode 14 which is titled, “The Last Shot at a Second Chance”. The title of that episode is hinting enough, but when you combine it with what we already know of Sebastian’s prior interest in Angela, it’s a surefire recipe for disaster. Angela is in such a rough place with Hodgins, it feels like she’ll probably go to Sebastian for comfort. The description for Sebastian’s episode even says, “Hodgins continues to push Angela away.”

It’s not just in her relationship that Angela is having a crisis. We’ve seen how this whole situation has begun to make her wonder about the career choices she made that led her here. Peterson has also teased that while Angela questions the path she chose, Sebastian will show her how the other side lives, which looks appealing to her.

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They’ve Been Stable Too Long

Bones-Hodgins and Angela Forever.gif In a sense, the honeymoon is over. They’ve gone through troubles before, but Hodgins and Angela have had too long of a period without any strain on their relationship and Booth and Brennan have had the opposite. In fact, in a recent interview with E! Online, Emily Deschanel (Brennan) had this to say about the current relationship statuses on Bones:

“[Booth and Brennan’s] relationship, that’s not the struggle here. [Hodgins and Angela are] going through stuff and we’re concerned about him and them and obviously solving our cases and a serial killer! Booth and Brennan feel pretty strong. I can’t say what happens at the end of the season or next season, but right now they’re strong.”

Hodgins and Angela have always been a fun and sweet relationship to watch develop over the course of Bones. As much as we can say they’ve had to deal with, they’ve never had as testing a moment on their relationship than the one they’re currently going through. Unless Hodgins is willing to change his attitude and resolve how he’s been treating Angela, and unless he is still a priority to Angela and she’s willing to get through this difficult time with him, they’re relationship could potentially go south soon.

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