We are down to our final four singers on The Voice season 7 and as much as I want to say that it’s any body’s game, there are clear winners and losers. Voters made their choice based on who had the best song during Monday night’s finale, which featured the top four singers performing a solo cover, a duet with his coach and an original song. The artist with the biggest fan base, of course, has the most advantage so at the end of the day it’s all about popularity. 

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In my opinion, Damien, the wild card winner, has consistently doled out flawless and emotional performances throughout the season. However, his songs are easily forgettable and unfortunately, whatever outstanding effort he may have put in on his performances in Monday night’s finale might be a little too late. He will most likely stay in fourth place.

Now this is where things get a little tricky. With Damien out of the way, any of the final three singers could end up winning this competition. Craig Wayne Boyd had great song choices and made just the kind of connection that touches the audience’s soul. He’s clearly a great singer who could easily blow away viewers.  And if there’s one thing I’ve learned while watching The Voice, it’s to never underestimate the power of the country vote in America

Chris Jamison, on the other hand, redeemed himself. They say you are only good as your last song on this competition and if his performances on Monday night’s finale is any indication, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in the final two, or even win season 7. While he has grown so much as a singer and have proven his range and versatility, I still can’t help but see him as another version of Adam Levine or Justin Timberlake. 

Then there’s Matt McAndrew. He didn’t have the best song choices in the finale, which could very well ruin his chances of winning. However, he has delivered killer performances week after week, and, despite  being given songs that take him out of his comfort zone and doesn’t seem to showcase his abilities, he still manages to impress audiences, make the songs his own and top the iTunes charts. Ultimately, I’ll give the win to Matt.

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Dean Bextor

Staff Writer, BuddyTV