This week’s Dance Moms takes us to another “Sheer Talent” competition in New Jersey. The moms are up in arms because of the special treatment Maddie gets from Abby. Does Maddie get special treatment? I know Melissa wants for her to be a star, but are we seeing the whole story? No matter, it’s time for the show.

The Dreaded Pyramid

As Abby yells for the girls, they are met with congratulations on their win. The pyramid has Kendall, Chloe and MacKenzie on the bottom. MacKenzie was expected to win but didn’t so she’s being punished. On the second row is Nia and Maddie. Holly is a little upset because Nia couldn’t have the top spot by herself.

Abby tells the girls that they will be dancing at Sheer Talent against the Candy Apples. Cathy will be there, with Gino and Maddie competing against each other. Maddie has a part in a web-based program and may miss the competition. Kendall and Chloe will be the understudies for Maddie’s dance. The group will be doing “Playing with Matches.” Only Maddie is assured of dancing at Nationals.


The group routine is about “lighting a fire,” which means that they will get burned if they don’t do what Abby wants. The moms see it as Maddie is the best. Jill and Christi are upset because Melissa won’t tell Abby to give the solo to someone else. As the moms watch, Kendall gets called out for not being Maddie. Nia tells us that it depends on the day and Abby’s mood how rehearsal will be. Holly thinks that Abby only focuses on the negative in regard to Nia, Kendall and Chloe.

The Moms React

The moms have had enough! They decide to track the number of negatives that the girls get against the positives that Maddie gets. The first night, Maddie gets seven marks for praise while Kendall, Chloe and Nia get complaints. When Jill shows up with a white board, the tracking takes a new turn. It’s visible from the rehearsal hall.

Melissa is upset because Maddie’s name isn’t showing up for marks. Jill tells her that if Maddie gets called out, she can add Maddie’s name and the marks. Each time a girl gets yelled at, the mom gets up and marks their daughter’s name. Even Melissa has to do it, and Abby and Gia are distracted. They think it hurts the girls. No, I think the girls are scared of what Abby will say.

Abby finally can’t take it anymore and goes upstairs to talk to the moms. After hearing Jill’s explanation, Abby sees it as the moms being jealous of Maddie (again).

Candy Apple Time

Meanwhile, at Cathy’s, she’s happy that Gino is back because of Abby. Wait, didn’t she kick him off? He’s doing a routine called “Warrior,” which looks intense.

Cathy is working on the group dance and she’s still upset over “getting robbed” the last time she competed against Abby. They’re doing “The Love Letter” based on a film. It will have a tragic ending and Kathy feels confident about it.

The Competition

While arriving to cheers, Abby gets called out by Cathy over the loud speaker. When Jill asks that all three dance, Abby has a little talk with Jill. If Jill isn’t happy, Cathy’s next door. Of course, the decision is to let Maddie perform. She’s not going to let Kendall and Chloe do the same routine because it would be bizarre. Once again, Abby forgets that she’s done the same thing before by letting Maddie and Chloe compete with the same song (and routine, wasn’t it?).

The Performances

Gino is up first with “Warrior.” The routine looks like something I’ve seen before and Abby isn’t impressed. Next up is Maddie, and I have to say, the dance seems similar to her usual ones. It’s good, but I’m not sure if it’s great. Of course, Abby dissolves into tears at its beauty.

After the solos, the moms are still upset. Abby comes in complaining about the board. While the moms try to explain that it’s about humiliation, Abby thinks it’s about her teaching style. Abby threatens to take Nia’s solo away next week and Holly has had it. She tells Abby that she’s ugly and leaves. Christi and Melissa go after Holly, and Jill isn’t far behind. As the moms talk, Holly asks the camera crew to leave. Holly at least has sense.

Abby, meanwhile, is mad and plans revenge. She tells us she is finished with the moms, so what does she do? She scratches the routine. The girls are backstage when the number is scratched. Gia tells them that the routine was pulled because of the moms’ behavior. I see it as a spoiled brat (Abby) playing bully (again). Cathy’s group dance, “Love Letters,” is performed, but it is disjointed and has too many solos. Could Abby have won? Probably, but because of her and the moms’ behavior, we’ll never know.

The Awards

Before awards, Abby tells the girls the routine was pulled because of the moms’ behavior. Cathy starts asking why and Abby ignores her.

In the solos, Gino wins second place, while Maddie wins the overall first place. Maddie is happy she won and doesn’t have to kiss Gino. The moms walk out as the group awards are announced. The Candy Apples get fourth place. Abby tells us that pulling the number was about her being in control and not about Cathy.

As Abby celebrates with Maddie’s trophy, the moms are still upset (especially Holly). Abby tells them that they will not have another dressing room encounter. Holly tells Abby her standards are higher than Abby’s, but Abby won’t listen. She benches Nia’s solo because of Holly. Holly does get the last words in by telling Abby to get some class.

Next week, Cathy is back and the moms are still upset with Abby.

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