I don’t know about you, but I felt that The Men Tell All special actually packed a lot of punch this time!

There was a gender reveal ultrasound, a dramatic confrontation between the guys and a mysterious ending involving the delivery of a letter.

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Of course Andi doesn’t specifically address any of the juicy parts of The Men Tell All in her blog, but she does give us a little insight into her thoughts during the taping.

As usual, Chris Harrison doesn’t shy away from providing his take on the events that unfolded either. 

An Admirer from the Audience

Andi Dorfman on her feelings for Chris: “It was great to see Chris again, and he remained the gentleman that he was throughout the season. I wanted Chris to know that the reason I sent him home was not only because I didn’t see myself in Iowa, but also because I didn’t see a foundation with us. I believe that if you have the love, you can live anywhere, and I have no doubt Chris will find a love to bring back to Iowa. Who knows, maybe it’s that superfan who jumped on stage, ha ha!”

Chris Harrison on the audience admirer: “First, let’s talk about the random girl who crashed the party. People get tickets to the live shows in many different ways. There are friends and family, auction winners, etc. Apparently, she is a big fan of our show and used social media to get in touch with one of our hairy producers. He decided to offer her a ticket to the show. She flew herself to the show, got herself a hotel, and well, you saw the rest. I have to say it was pretty hysterical. She was so nervous and Chris’ reaction was priceless. He was incredibly gracious about the whole thing and I just went with the moment and kind of threw him to the wolves. No word on if he used the digits he got or if they’ll actually have a real date.”

Giving Closure

Andi Dorfman on providing answers: “For each of the guys, there was a reason why our relationship didn’t work out, and I think Men Tell All is the perfect place to give the guys closure…It was important to me for Marcus to know that I wasn’t scared by how early he declared his feelings for me. I loved hearing Marcus say that he believed that if you love somebody, you should tell her every day, and I hope he never changes.”

Chris Harrison on closure: “Chris also joined me in the hot seat, and just as with Marcus, I could tell he was hurt and a little confused as to what went wrong. He and Marcus got a little closer in their talks with Andi, but in the end it’s next to impossible to eloquently and delicately explain why you dumped somebody.”

Lie Detector Results

Andi Dorfman on choosing not to hear Josh’s results: “I have to admit I was not expecting Chris Harrison to pull out the lie detector results from Italy! That’s the one moment I’ve kept thinking and thinking about! Major props to Dylan for laughing everything off with his bottle of sanitizer. I was also very proud of Marcus for not revealing his number. I know the audience really wanted to read Josh’s results, but I really trust both of my final men, so I definitely didn’t want to see the results. That was, again, a hard decision, but I think a right decision.” 

Chris Harrison on the lie detector results: “The other interesting moment was the lie detector results that I had. It was funny to see the guys’ reactions as we caught them in some lies (Marcus, you dog!).”

Emily Maynard also weighed in on Andi’s decision not to hear Josh’s lie detector results in her blog. “Considering he’s the one I think she picks, those are the only lies I even cared about hearing. Thankfully for Josh, Andi is either the coolest girlfriend ever or bribed Chris Harrison backstage for the results!”

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I, for one, hope that we will finally get to hear what Josh lied about during the finale episode. Or at least find out the contents of the mystery letter!

The Bachelorette season 10 finale airs Monday at 8pm on ABC.

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