It was another fabulous night of performances on So You Think You Can Dance. We also had to say farewell to Jourdan Epstein and Stanley Glover. The judges decided to go by America’s votes, and these dancers saw their journey end because they received the lowest number of votes. In a bit of good news, we found out about a romance between Jacque LeWarne and Rudy Abreu.

Is your favorite So You Think You Can Dance performer safe from elimination? Let’s examine the performances and see who may be in danger of going home next time.

The Best of the Night

I thought that many of the performances last week were amazing, but a few really stood out. Tanisha Belnap and Rudy Abreu’s Broadway routine made me initially nervous because it featured canes as props. Props have been the downfall of many talented dancers, especially on So You Think You Can Dance. Tanisha and Rudy were flawless in this routine. It had an old-fashioned Broadway feel and was a master class in charisma and great technique. All three judges gave the pair a standing ovation, and I can certainly see why.

Another one of my favorite performances was a Viennese Waltz danced by tapper Valerie Rockey and her partner, Ricky Ubeda, who is a contemporary dancer. Their waltz, choreographed by Lacey Schwimmer, was pure romance and magic as they glided around the floor. Two words describe this performance — elegant and effortless. It also earned a standing ovation from Nigel.

Emily James and Teddy Coffey’s contemporary routine, choreographed by Tyce Dioro, was another winner. It is about a love affair that has turned desperate, and the performance was as moody and emotional as the subject matter. I think both Teddy and Emily had a chance to shine in this piece.¬†

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Who is in Danger?

Brooklyn Fullmer and Casey Askew’s jazz piece, choreographed by Bonnie Story, felt a bit flat to me. The judges warned Brooklyn that she needs to rise to Casey’s level, which is not a good sign. I also felt a lack of connection between this duo again this week.

I think that both Marcquet Hill and Jessica Richens could be in danger, but not just because their dance partners were eliminated. Marcquet’s performance in this Dee Caspary contemporary piece seemed a bit off. Worse yet, the judges commented on the fact that they couldn’t connect with him, and I am afraid that I have to agree.

Jessica’s jazz routine was in her wheelhouse, but she did not perform well again this week in the judges’ opinion. The routine, choreographed by Tyce Dioro, is about a magic carpet ride, and the dancers’ movements should have conveyed the motion of the carpet. I thought that it didn’t. The judges also expressed concern about Jessica’s over-exaggerated facial expressions, particularly Nigel. This could be an indication that Jessica is in danger of being eliminated.

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Tune in next time to find out if your favorite dancer will continue on in the So You Think You Can Dance competition.

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