Summer’s here and Hell’s Kitchen is hot. Not as hot as in the past, as the five remaining chefs rarely lose their cool. Joy and Jason are the most vocal of the ones remaining while Melanie and Rochelle seem to be focused on the win. Scott — well, he’s in la-la land some of the time when not messing up.

The Dorms

The remaining five go upstairs for the night. While Scott is happy he’s still there (and we’re wondering why), Joy and Melanie are discussing their good luck with grins. Why do these two get on my nerves? Melanie is so confident. She knows what Ramsay wants. I’ve heard that before.

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The Challenge

The chefs enter to see the kitchen torn apart and we get a routine from the Street Drum Corp (think Stomp). They’re good at using undesirable objects to make music. The chefs must do the same thing today and turn leftovers into a beautiful, tasty dish in 30 minutes; off we go!

Each chef struggles over identifying the protein with Jason taking clams and Melanie doing a filet. Rochelle and Scott both use duck while Joy stays true to chicken. Rochelle takes the longest to get started but as time runs down, it’s Joy who is worried about her dish.

The judging starts and Ramsay has Laura Buckle from Better Homes and Gardens to help judge. Scott starts off and presents an impressive dish that wows both Buckle and Ramsay. Next up is Joy, but her chicken skin isn’t right. That’s okay, Joy. You wouldn’t have won anyway after calling Better Homes and Gardens bathroom reading. Rochelle’s dish gets Laura’s approval but Melanie and Joy don’t like its appearance. Jason’s dish doesn’t stand out so it’s down to Melanie. While her dish is overcooked, it does look nice. It doesn’t matter because the winner is Scott who will be photographed with Buckle and have his dish in the magazine. He chooses Jason to go with him on a flight on a fighter jet while the girls must carve pumpkins and prepare squash.

While the guys play, the ladies work with cutting the pumpkins and squash. Rochelle has never carved pumpkins before and immediately cuts her thumb off. As she runs water over the injury and calls for medics, Melanie and Joy stay well away. Do you think they’re afraid of blood? Joy reluctantly walks over and hands Rochelle a napkin who rushes back to see medical personnel. No one will even go over to her station because of the finger nail lying on the table. Somehow I don’t think they’ll be using that kitchen as Rochelle leaves for the hospital. Joy sees it as Rochelle leaving the game.

As Scott and Jason return, the ladies are still upset over Rochelle’s injury. Ramsay joins and learns about Rochelle’s injury. There is a special guest at the chef’s table: Stan Lee, the creator of Iron Man, Spider Man, and many other comic super hero movies. Jason is impressed as he loves Lee’s work. Ramsay wants a night to remember, but I’m foreseeing disaster.

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As the guests arrive, Bree Williamson shows up for dinner. The first ticket is in and pumpkin salad is now on the menu. Bet it’s not the pumpkin Rochelle was fixing. Mel’s not happy with how fast Scott is working and Ramsay tells him to pace himself. Stan Lee has arrived. I have wondered who did the opening and I’m now sure it’s Lee’s artwork. Ramsay and JP greet him and Ramsay is hoping for the five remaining chefs to be superheroes. Scott is working the risotto but rice is flying out of his pan: the risottos go out successfully. Melanie gets the pasta going but prepares too many noodles and no crab. VIP chef’s table has their capellini set on fire. Lee thinks she’ll never make it as we learn the dish lacks salt. Lee’s party decides they should tell Ramsay not to yell as they laugh.

It’s on to entrees and Rochelle and Jason are working hard and communicating but a voice is missing. Where is Joy? She just doesn’t seem to be with the team tonight. As dinner progresses, she has trouble with a halibut. When Ramsay calls her out, she talks back and ends ups leaving the kitchen. Joy! I see Rochelle working with a splint and finger missing; it looks stressful. As she walks out and takes the black jacket off, Ramsay follows. While she thinks he doesn’t listen, Ramsay thinks she is selfish and has attitude.

While the rest of team finishes service, Andi goes upstairs to talk to Rochelle. Andi tells her that Ramsay is the coach and wants her to succeed. Joy goes out to apologize but ends up in the living room. How does Stan Lee feel about the service? He and his guests love it and hope to return. Plus, he plans to make it into a story which I’m sure we’ve already seen.

The Aftermath

Ramsay addresses the group and while there have been ups and downs, they fought back. Ramsay has a warning. The next dinner service will cut half of the group. He sees all four in the final. While all expect to win, Melanie gives the beauty queen wave. Ramsay final comment on Joy is that winners never quit.

Next Week:

The final four face off. All are on edge as a special guest arrives. 

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