Are you ready to board the So You Think You Dance train? I am excited to see the dancers paired off with their partners. The first night of competition was stellar, and I can’t wait to see how the dancers perform this round.

Alas, it is not all sunshine and rainbows as we have to bid farewell to two dancers tonight. The six dancers with the least number of votes will be up for elimination.

Did your favorite dancer do enough to continue in the competition?

Get set. This is the So You Think You Can Dance live blog!

We kick the show off with a fun group Broadway routine choreographed by Josh Bergasse. Cat Deeley, our hostess, informs us that Bergasse will be choreographing the show “On the Town,” and the one winner this year will win a role in the Broadway production.

Now welcome your JUDGES! Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy are joined by renowned ballerina Misty Copeland. It is also Nigel’s birthday, and he and the other judges are wearing baseball gear. Of course, all the better to rib Cat about her lack-luster pitch that she threw at the Dodger’s game.

The Bottom 6 Dancers

Brooklyn Fullmer
Casey Askew
Jourdan Epstein
Nick Garcia
Malene Ostergaard
Serge Onik

These dancers will perform solos later in the show. Next up is the pairings, and each couple will stay with their partner until the top 10 are revealed.

Tanisha Belnap and Rudy Abreu
Jazz choreographed by Sonya Tayeh

The dancers interview each other, and we learn some more interesting tidbits. Rudy loves seafood, and would one day like to visit Paris. Tanisha loves dogs and the color blue. The routine is about an aggressive cat and mouse game. It is dark, brooding and sexy. Mary is a fan of the performance, especially Tanisha. Nigel thinks that Rudy is stronger than he first thought.

Valerie Rockey and Ricky Ubeda
Contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall

Valerie’s favorite color is green, and Ricky would be an elephant if he could. This routine is about a person who wants to reunite with a former lover. I like this performance and there are some incredible moves in this routine. Nigel likes their chemistry, and hopes to see Valerie show more emotion. Ricky gets raves all around.

Bridget Whitman and Emilio Dosal
Hip-Hop choreographed by Luther Brown

Emilio likes Chinese food, and would like to go to Italy one day. Bridget likes turtles, and both nerds and dorks. This dance is about a man who runs into his old friend to find out that she has blossomed into a real bombshell. Bridget is clearly out of her element and lacks swag, in my opinion. Nigel likes their chemistry, and he praises Bridget’s performance. Mary thinks that Bridget could have gotten low a bit more, and she loves Emilio’s dancing.

Jessica Richens and Nick Garcia
West Coast Swing choreographed by Benji Schwimmer

Nick’s super power would be shooting laser beams out of his eyes, and Jessica likes sushi and purple is her favorite color. This dance is all about having fun. Jessica suffered a shoulder injury during rehearsals.  The beginning is a bit sleepy, and there are some awkward transitions. Mary feels Jessica should have been more grounded in her feet. Nigel feels that Benji has asked too much of the duo. Nigel also feels that Nick looks uncomfortable and that Jessica’s performance seemed overexagerated.

Carly Blaney and Serge Onik
Contemporary choreographed by Sonya Tayeh

Carly’s favorite animal is a groundhog. Serge loves bacon cheeseburgers. This dance is about an unbreakable love. This is my favorite performance of the night so far. This duo has wonderful chemistry and turn in an emotionally satisfying performance. Misty is thrilled with the entire performance and the energy of the dancers. Nigel commends Carly and Serge’s emotional connection.

Emily James and Teddy Coffey
Hip-Hop choreographed by Dave Scott

Emily likes monkeys and Batman. Teddy, in turn, likes giraffes and would like to have the ability to walk through walls. This routine is flirty, but I feel like there is a lack of connection between the partners. Nigel thinks Emily performed a bit too much. Mary thought it was entertaining and solid.

Malene Ostergaard and Stanley Glover

Broadway choreographed by Spencer Liff

Malene is looking for a guy with a sweet heart. Stanley wants to be a dolphin in his next life. This routine will utilize telephones as props. What could wrong there?  The performance is a bit odd, especially with the dancing around the phone cords. Mary wanted them to dance without the props. Nigel simply tells them that he thinks “they got the wrong number.” Yikes!

Jourdan Epstein and Marcquet Hill
Jazz choreographed by Sean Cheesman

Marcquet likes chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Jourdan is good at math and loves her kitten. This fast routine is about an interrogation. This dance is smoking hot! Misty thought Marcquet took his role too seriously, and she thought Jourdan was “fierce.” Nigel gives raves to this duo.

Brooklyn Fullmer and Casey Askew
Argentine Tango choreographed by Miriam and Leonardo

Casey likes coffee and waffles. Brooklyn likes the beach and cake. This performance packs plenty of heat, but I feel like there is a bit of a lack of connection. Mary likes the routine, and praises both Brooklyn and Casey. Nigel also enjoys the performance.

Jacque LeWarne and Zack Everhart, Jr.
African Jazz choreographed by Sean Cheesman

Jacque likes monkeys and can do a mean British accent. Zack’s favorite color is blue. I think this physically demanding piece about warriors is great. Mary gives the duo a standing ovation and waves them aboard the hot tamale train. Nigel calls this one of his favorite performances of the night.

Next up, the dance crew Chloe Arnold and the Syncopated Ladies hit the stage. The dance crew with the most number of votes will perform at the So You Think You Can Dance finale.

The time has arrived to find out who is going home. The judges are only able to make decisions about eliminations until the top 10, then it is all in the hands of the fans.

The Bottom 6 Dancers

Brooklyn Fullmer
Casey Askew
Jourdan Epstein
Nick Garcia
Malene Ostergaard
Serge Onik


Malene Ostergaard
Nick Garcia

Wow. They didn’t even have a chance to do solos!

In order to save your favorite So You Think You Can Dance dancers, go to to vote. Tine in next time to find out who is safe, and who is heading home from the competition.

So You Think You Can Dance airs Wednesdays at 8 pm on FOX

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