Big steps were made this week on The Bachelorette as Andi Dorfman got to know the families of her suitors and tried to picture her life in various scenarios while her men attempted to make bold gestures to declare their love. Host Chris Harrison and Andi herself share their thoughts on the hometown dates while Bachelorette season 8 star Emily Maynard predicts the next Bachelor.

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Chris Harrison on Nick: “I know Nick has been in the hot seat the last couple of weeks, and maybe deservedly so, but I really think his hometown showed a very different side of him. There is a lot of love in that family and it really showed when Nick and Andi sat down to visit with them. I’ll be anxious to know if seeing Nick in this light changes anyone’s opinion of him.”

Andi Dorfman on Nick:  What you didn’t get to see was that Nick had a table in the back with all of his friends waiting for us to sit and hang out. Nick got so emotional when he was reunited with his friends, and it was really sweet to see that side of Nick. It was refreshing to see Nick in his element with his friends because I knew he had been having such a hard time being around all of the guys in the house… I learned a lot about Nick that day and I was just so happy that my first hometown went as smoothly as it did!’

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Chris Harrison on Chris: “Andi knew the big question entering Chris’ hometown date was could she see herself living in Iowa? The problem is Andi went into this date really just trying to figure that out, but what she wasn’t counting on was being completely blown away by his family. Andi told me she was beyond impressed by Chris’ family. She was also really taken by seeing Chris in his element, and I think more than any of the other guys it really put him in a new light and she loved it.” 

Andi Dorfman on Chris: “I really wanted to prove to Chris that although I live in a city, I am a country girl at heart. This hometown was also the most important one because I knew if Chris and I ended up together, I would be moving to Iowa. It was crucial for me to see if I could establish a life here. I honestly had never pictured a life in Iowa before, but Chris was such an amazing guy that I wanted to give it a chance… The best part of the daytime had to be when Chris had that plane fly over our picnic. I remember being so blown away by the gesture. I loved watching Chris transform from the secret admirer to this man who would fly a banner announcing his feelings to the world.”

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Chris Harrison on Josh: “Josh’s hometown visit in Tampa was probably the most interesting. When you look at all the relationships left, this is still the most troubling for Andi. There’s so many questions that are still unanswered when it comes to Josh. Andi has always had a problem with the fact that Josh is an athlete. If this was an issue coming into the hometown date, it can only be a bigger question once Andi learned just how invested Josh’s whole family is in his brother’s future in the NFL. You can clearly see this is an issue for Andi and I’m not sure any of her worries were settled on this visit. But I also know that Andi could truly feel the love in his house and was moved by how devoted Josh is to his family… especially his little brother.” 

Andi Dorfman on Josh: “My favorite moment, though, is something you didn’t get to see! Josh made this hugely romantic gesture and gave me a bouquet of ten roses. Josh went on to explain that the first seven of the roses symbolized the amount I had given him so far, and that the remaining three symbolized the roses that he hoped I would give him, including that final rose. A very bold gesture, but very romantic… I was genuinely surprised when Josh’s mom told me that Josh was definitely in love. That made me feel so much better about the hometown and what Josh and I were building.”

Predicting the Next Bachelor  

According to Emily Maynard, Chris seems like a good contender to be the next Bachelor.  “Chris’s family was so sweet and so much fun, but I’m not sure I can see Andi ending up in Iowa.” she wrote on her blog on Parade. “If not, I think every girl in America will be signing up to be on the next season of The Bachelor in hopes of meeting Chris!” previously suggested that the next Bachelor is none other than Chris the Farmer. “He makes it far in Andi’s season and the audience really connected with him,” a source close to the show revealed to the website. 

Based on the hometown dates, who do you think will Andi pick in the end? Do you think Chris would make a good Bachelor? Who would you have picked instead?

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