If you’re not watching the Big Brother 16 live feeds this week, you’re missing out on some of the best television of the year. Things are topsy-turvy and continue to shift and change on an almost hourly basis, with twists and turns, new alliances and deals and an ever-changing target. On Tuesday night, things changed yet again and this week’s eviction is looking more solid. Also, the number of people who know about the Bomb Squad is now up to 13 out of 15.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Devin won the Power of Veto. He used it to save Brittany and nominate Zach.

On Monday, all hell broke loose as Zach told Hayden about the Bomb Squad, Christine told Nicole about it, Devin tried to strong-arm Hayden into joining the Bomb Squad to replace Zach and everyone was dealing and double-dealing to figure out how to vote.

On Tuesday, it looked like Frankie was trying to work out some deal where the vote would be 7-5, possibly to keep Zach, so that he would have cover and could blame the votes on someone else. However, he and Derrick hatched a plan to avoid that. The plan was to convince Caleb to keep Zach and make it a near-unanimous vote. This seemingly began because they noticed a growing divide between Devin and Caleb, with Devin telling Frankie he doesn’t trust Caleb at all anymore.

The New Deal to Save Zach

Derrick went to work, coaching Zach on what to say to Caleb and prepping Caleb on the reasons he might want to keep Zach. It keeps the targets off big players and can keep the house united in the Bomb Squad’s original mission statement of getting rid of the weak players until jury.

Then came the big meeting between Zach and Caleb. Zach successfully argued that trying to keep the Bomb Squad together until jury is still possible and that tearing the house apart with a split vote this week would make people like Caleb targets. It seemed to work, and they even came to an understanding that Zach would not nominate Devin until they got to the jury. Caleb is also sticking to that deal, though they would both be fine if someone else nominated Devin.

Afterwards, Caleb talked to Paola and seemed very noncommittal, like he was trying to lay the groundwork for her possibly being evicted. Meanwhile, Zach celebrated with Frankie in the storage room that the crisis may have been averted and the vote will now be 12-0 or maybe 11-1 if Jocasta still votes Zach out.

What makes this deal more plausible is that Cody and Derrick were also there, then Caleb and Zach talked to Amber about it to get her on board, followed by Caleb and Derrick agreeing to the terms. Cody then comforted Amber about the fact that Devin can still be a target next week, something she really wants. And Caleb talked one-on-one with Frankie to confirm that keeping Zach is the plan and figure out how to break it to Devin.

Devin Exposes the Bomb Squad Even More

Frankie then had the unenviable task of informing Devin about this deal. Devin was understandably unhappy and didn’t believe it at all. Devin’s response was that he is no longer in the Bomb Squad and is ready to become a one-man army fueled by the love he has for his daughter, picking off the rest of the house one by one. Frankie was, for once, at a loss for words and just said he’d still have Devin’s back.

Upset by this news, Devin once again woke up Donny in the middle of the night, this time to tell him all about the Bomb Squad, from its name and members to the addition of Hayden, but it was quick before Donny went back to bed. Given the fact that Donny is in Team America with two members of the Bomb Squad, this should be interesting.

He then went up to the HoH and told Brittany all about the Bomb Squad, including the fact that he told Donny. Their conversation was very long as he explained every detail. Interestingly, Devin was actually honest about the fact that Zach and Cody were the people fighting to keep Brittany when she was the original target. Brittany was most disappointed about Derrick, because she trusted him the most (though Devin defended him), and she was most surprised by Christine. Devin encouraged her to nominate Amber and Caleb if she ever wins HoH.

After a while, Jocasta joined them and Devin proceeded to tell her all about the Bomb Squad too. Jocasta stood by the fact that she’s voting out Zach solely because she runs a women’s ministry and he talks down to Victoria, calling her a “bitch.” Later they talked about whether Christine has told Nicole about the Bomb Squad, and they all assume she hasn’t (even though she has).

Once the girls left the HoH room, Brittany’s horrible poker face and refusal to talk with Derrick pretty much clued him in that Devin probably spilled the beans about the Bomb Squad to Brittany and Jocasta.

UPDATE: Wednesday morning, Donny showed his true loyalty by going straight to his fellow members of Team America, Derrick and Frankie, to tell them about how Devin told him about the Bomb Squad. Derrick easily convinced him that they need to stick together. Derrick then went to work on Brittany to try and smooth things over now that she knows. This week, Derrick is proving himself to be incredibly convincing and probably the best at the game this season.

At this point, Victoria and Paola are the only HGs who don’t know about the Bomb Squad yet.

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