Tonight on Hell’s Kitchen the Final Four are itching for those final moments in the competition. It’s getting so close they can almost taste it!

Jon, Ja’Nel, Mary and Cyndi will each get their time to shine at the pass, leading the kitchen. From there, Chef Ramsay will eliminate not one but TWO. Who will it be?

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As always, the night begins with a challenge.

Taste it Not Make It Challenge: The Final Four must taste a dish cooked by Chef Ramsay and recreate it perfectly, guessing the main ingredients.

Jon and Mary quickly drop out by picking the wrong protein, leaving Ja’Nel and Cyndi. One ingredient separates them from the winning prize.

Winner: Cyndi

The winner is treated to a shopping spree at Sur La Table and quality time with Ramsay at The Fat Cow. Meanwhile, the three losers have to deal with moving day. Jon and two girls are left to clean up the dorm rooms, finding disgusting items such as thong underwear, and move mattresses to a moving truck.

Leadership Dinner Service

Tonight, Chef Ramsay will be testing the Final Four’s leadership skills. One by one they will jump into his shoes and take over the reigns of the kitchen. As in every other season, a planted quality control test will throw a curve ball at each cheftestant. Ramsay will watch carefully for who delivers the best sense of assertiveness AND catches the mistakes Chef Andi purposely tosses their way.

Cyndi starts things off with perfection on risotto. Unfortunately, she only delivers a so-so job at the pass. Chef Andi has taken over her appetizer station, preparing the lobster risottos. This particular order, though, will feature crab meat instead. Does Cyndi catch it? Nope! Strike one, Cyndi.

Next is Ja’Nel who has had a pretty good run in Hell’s Kitchen up until recently. She may be tiny, but she’s proving to be able to handle the kitchen fairly well. That is until Cyndi gives her underseasoned risotto. Yeah, this is the exact same risotto she cooked to perfection earlier for Ramsay. Is she trying to sabotage Ja’Nel’s efforts? If she is, it fails miserably, seeing as how the quality control test is spotted from a mile away. Chef Andi substitutes cod for halibut. Good try!

Now it’s Jon’s turn. With a bit of a struggle, he has to find his footing at the pass. His team of cooks has now checked out, failing to communicate or present their dishes in timely manners. Plus, more sabotage looks to be heading his way when Cyndi’s garnish is overly salted and Ja’Nel presents raw lamb. Then Jon overlooks when Andi’s scallop medallions are actually butterfish. 

Last up is Mary who takes the kitchen by storm. I mean she really owns it! Yes, her voice is highly annoying, but she takes on an almost tyrannical persona, barking out orders. She gets the job done, though. Mary also spots Andi’s test, noticing when the beef wellingtons aren’t actually beef, but lamb. Easily done by a butcher, wouldn’t you think?

After service ends, Ramsay lines the four of them up, selecting two for elimination. 

First to leave is Cyndi. She put up a good fight, yet she just isn’t strong enough to lead.

First to move on to the Final Two is Mary. Okay, so I sort of saw this coming only because her bark is so much bigger than her bite.

Jon and Ja’Nel are left. Who is going home and who will join Mary in the finale?


Next week on Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Ramsay will finally make a decision. Will it be Jon or Ja’Nel in the final showdown with Mary? And why on earth is Zach back? Tune in to find out!

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