The third week of Big Brother 15 was over the moment it began. Helen and her pals (Elissa, Andy, Judd, Jessie, Candice, McCrae and Amanda) all agreed on a single course of action, and that course will come to a successful ending on Thursday. But plans for the future are becoming a bit of a mess.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

The final nominees are Spencer, Aaryn and Jeremy, with Jeremy definitely going home despite making some very compelling arguments to stay. But it doesn’t matter that he offered to play hard and do whatever Helen wanted, nor does it matter that Aaryn is an awful lying-machine. Jeremy is a big, strong guy and must be evicted because of it. There was never anything he could’ve said or done to change their minds after the red wine incident and one where he wiped Elissa’s hat on his butt back in week 1.

The real chaos, however, comes from the rotten seeds being planted for the future. Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Andy have solidified their Final 4 deal with an alliance called the Goof Troop, which makes me feel a little bit dumber every time I write it. It makes me miss the Quack Pack.

They also have an expanded “fake” alliance with Helen and Elissa known as the Knockouts. It’s a name Amanda came up with on Monday, but they didn’t present it to Helen and Elissa until Tuesday. All six of them gathered, agreed on the name, and it made Elissa as happy as a clam to be in an actual alliance, with a name and everything.

Little does she know that the Goof Troop is only pretending to be loyal to the Knockouts because of the fact that Elissa keeps winning the MVP (three weeks and counting). In private, they say that they desperately want to get rid of her as soon as the twist is over and maybe sooner, since they can’t trust her to do exactly what they want. So basically, Elissa’s own alliance doesn’t really like or trust her and her only value is winning MVP, which only happens because she’s Rachel’s sister. And she’s being used to eliminate any potential opponents for the Goof Troop. She’s kind of like a permanent Diamond Power of Veto the Goof Troop gets to use every week.

Except the Elissa-Tool is starting to develop the ability to think for itself. This week they wanted her to put up Howard, but she refused and put up Spencer instead. They believe it’s because of religion, though I still think it’s because production knows that nominating either of the black contestants is just a terrible P.R. issue right now and they talked Elissa out of it. The sad part for Jeremy is that, if Howard were nominated, he might have a shot at staying.

Helen “Exposes” the Knockouts

Only a couple of hours after the Knockouts established their new name, Helen essentially spilled the beans. As Jeremy was making a strong case for keeping him, Helen told him that if he were to stay, he couldn’t go after her, Elissa, McCrae, Amanda, Andy or Judd. Those were literally the only names she mentioned. In other words, she pretty much told him who is in her secret alliance.

Jeremy told McCrae and Amanda about this (believing it would solidify the deal to keep him safe), and they ran off in private to have a freak-out session about how incredibly stupid Helen is. They told Judd and Andy too, and the four of them marveled at how Helen just can’t keep her mouth shut and has absolutely no ability to lie. It turns out Helen isn’t as good at this game as I thought she was. McCrae chalked it up to HoH-itis, that dangerous condition that leads people in power to make bad choices.

The plan is still to evict Jeremy, but now the Goof Troop wants to do damage control by giving Jeremy false information and false hope that he might stay, just so he’ll keep quiet about Helen’s slip-up. They’re worried that if word gets out, the rest of the house will rise up and turn on them. That seems unlikely, since it would require Aaryn and Candice to work together.

But the Goof Troop is definitely wary of Helen and need to keep an eye on her. The problem is that they have too many fish to fry. Also, Amanda might be the most paranoid person to ever play the game and they’re already talking about reaching the Final 4, despite the fact that it means sending 10 more people home first.

Who’s the Next Target?

If you ask Amanda, she’ll say her next target after Jeremy is Howard, Candice, Spencer, Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Elissa and Helen. It’s almost laughable that she pretty much just wants everyone out and kind of assumes it will happen.

The only person the Goof Troop is actually fine with keeping is Jessie. They like that she’s clueless, weak and easily swayed to vote with them using positive reinforcement. They considered bringing her into the Knockouts, but felt it wasn’t necessary because she doesn’t need the validation of a formal alliance, unlike Elissa. They also worried that if Jessie was in, Elissa would want Candice in, and Candice would want Howard in, and Howard would want Spencer in, and…well, you see how this goes.

In terms of the immediate future, the Goof Troop wants Howard to be the next HG evicted, and they think they need to nominate Candice next to him as a pawn since she’d campaign to keep him.

Nominating the two black people is obviously problematic for the show itself, given Aaryn’s racist comments. It’s something Amanda and Andy even joked about, the prospect of Aaryn winning HoH and putting them up (if that happens, CBS might just cancel the show in the middle of the season). The Goof Troop seems in agreement that their best case scenario is Kaitlin winning HoH and doing it for them.

Their worries are Howard or Candice winning, though they’d probably go after Aaryn, and Elissa winning, because she most likely wouldn’t put up Howard. They also worry a little bit about GinaMarie, just because she’s so crazy right now that there’s no telling what she would do.

Will Jeremy tell everyone about the Knockouts before getting evicted on Thursday? Will Helen wise up and turn on McCrae, Amanda, Judd and Andy before they turn on her? Will Elissa stop being a tool and start being a real player? Will Amanda try to scrub a damn spot off her hard until it starts to bleed? Will CBS let Howard and Candice be nominated next week?

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