After Sunday’s episode of Big Brother 15 was full of racism and fighting, we finally get back to the game on Wednesday night. There’s still a viewer discretion warning, but I don’t know why since there’s absolutely no talk of race in the episode.

Instead, we see the MVP and the Power of Veto winner struggling with tough choices. Well, tough personal choices. Neither of their decisions really affect the outcome of the week, and on Thursday night, that’s all that really matters.

I’d like to start by pointing out that CBS completely lied during the “previously on” segment by saying Jeremy was the FIRST person to reveal the Moving Company to Helen. On the live feeds, we know Amanda told her 15 minutes before Jeremy did. I’m finding it really hard to trust anything that the producers are doing this season because the episodes are being edited in a way that distorts the truth by omitting important details.

MVP Drama

Helen, McCrae and Amanda meet up to discuss who the MVP’s nominee should be, assuming Elissa is going to get it because she’s ALWAYS going to get it. You’ll notice Elissa is nowhere to be found in these discussions. Helen suggests putting Spencer up, but Amanda wants Howard to go up because he has a better chance to win the Power of Veto and he’s the second biggest target. So clearly Aaryn isn’t even among the top two choices to go home this week.

Helen then meets with Spencer, who confesses about the Moving Company. She cries a lot and admits that it’s fake and she’s just trying to manipulate him. It’s a decent game tactic, but also one that makes me uncomfortable. The only way a woman can get what she wants is to cry and make men feel bad for her? You’ve come a long way, baby!

Spencer tells Howard that he needs to confess too, and Howard tells everyone that he left the Moving Company because Jeremy is a bully and he hates bullies. Helen turns on the waterworks again.

Elissa then becomes the MVP for a third week in a row. Yeah, this is TOTALLY fair. McCrae and Amanda tag team Elissa and tell her that she needs to nominate Howard. She hates having to get all of the blood on her hands, not being involved in the discussions and she starts to feel used, probably because she’s being used.

Elissa approaches Helen to ask if people are just using her for her MVP vote. She believes Helen isn’t (I agree), but everyone else is absolutely using her. Elissa simply refuses to put Howard on the block.

Andy, McCrae and Amanda join the conversation and they all push for Howard as the MVP nominee (well, Andy says absolutely nothing, like always). Amanda gets very riled up trying to convince Elissa that it must be Howard because he needs to go home if Jeremy somehow doesn’t get backdoored. This is really the first scene where it becomes obvious how little respect anyone has for Elissa.

Also, I’m very, VERY disappointed they didn’t show what happened next. On the live feeds, Elissa was called to the diary room and then Howard showed up. McCrae said he won the MVP and was going to put up Howard. When Elissa came back, she tried to play coy about her MVP nomination, and after some of the worst lying I’ve seen in my entire life, she admitted that she put up Spencer.

McCrae and Amanda freaked out and ran off so McCrae, as fake MVP, could make a “deal” with Howard not to put him up, thus giving them cover for the fact that he wasn’t the MVP nominee like they told him he was a few minutes earlier.

That all seems very relevant to the game, in my opinion, but I guess the producers don’t see it that way. No wonder Elissa keeps winning MVP, they refuse to show how truly terrible she is at this game.

The Power of Veto Competition

Spencer is chosen as the third nominee while Candice and GinaMarie are picked to play for the Power of Veto. This is probably the weakest roster of competitors ever. Helen celebrates that they can FINALLY backdoor Jeremy. Um, it’s only week three, it’s not like they’ve been trying and trying to get rid of him all season long like with Frank last year.

To his credit, Jeremy instantly knows he’s being backdoored and there’s really nothing he can do to stop it. The only hope Kaitlin has is for GinaMarie to win the Power of Veto and not use it. There’s a better chance of a meteor hitting the house.

Amanda is getting pretty mouthy, telling Kaitlin that if she wins the Power of Veto and doesn’t use it, she’s going home. Aaryn is not an option because she’s all alone.

For the competition, the HGs must bounce on a trampoline one at a time to look over a wall and recreate a room full of artwork that they see. They’re all famous paintings with the HGs faces on them, like Helen as the Mona Lisa or McCrae as Napoleon Bonaparte. GinaMarie immediately starts sporting major lady wood as soon as she sees Nick as the Vitruvian Man.

After watching five pretty ladies and a fat dude bounce on a trampoline for way too long, we get the times.

Spencer: 12:19
Aaryn: 9:50
GinaMarie:  8:56
Helen: 8:55
Candice: 8:46
Kaitlin: 7:09

Kaitlin wins the Power of Veto! And it wasn’t even close. Which is bad for her, because now everyone will see her as a huge competitive threat, and we know what happens to them.

Helen is angry because she’s worried Kaitlin might not use it to save her boyfriend. “We keep trying to get [Jeremy] out of the house, and it seems like he has nine lives” Helen says. Again, this is only the SECOND WEEK they’ve tried getting him out of the house. These people need to shut up about how he’s some miraculous superman and how evicting him is this Herculean task. Clearly it’s not if he’s the third person going home.

To Veto or Not to Veto

Jeremy turns on the “Cherokee charm” for Kaitlin (I’m going to miss this goofy side of him). However, his only hope is getting Kaitlin to try and convince Helen that backdooring Howard is a better move than Jeremy. The problem is that she has no leverage. As soon as she meets up with Helen, Helen says she’s putting up Jeremy as the replacement.

Helen cries and says that backdooring Jeremy is what the house wants. Ugh, I hate HoH’s who blame the house. It’s such a wussy move. She also blames Jeremy’s bad attitude in the beginning, like with the red wine fight. They show it again, and I still don’t think it was THAT bad. It’s nothing compared to Willie and Frank’s Fruit Loops battle last season. It’s not even half as bad as the crap Aaryn and GinaMarie said to Candice and Jessie. I really think it’s just because Jeremy is big with tattoos, so people find him more intimidating just because of that.

The worst part is that Jeremy takes it like “a champion” and is fine with being backdoored. Kaitlin sobs and briefly considers not using the Power of Veto. However, the part they didn’t show is that Jeremy repeatedly told her she has to use it and never even asked her to consider the possibility of not saving herself. Yeah, he’s a vicious monster who needs to be evicted.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Kaitlin is stuck in a lose-lose situation, because either she’s going home or Jeremy is. What she doesn’t know is that, even if she uses it, Kaitlin is probably going home within three weeks anyway. So it’s actually lose-lose-lose, because Kaitlin is going to lose twice when everyone betrays her again because she dared to win a competition.

Kaitlin uses the Power of Veto to save herself. Helen nominates Jeremy in her place. Well, that was predictable. Jeremy vows to try and fight to stay, but there’s really no point because Helen and her side have already made up their minds and absolutely nothing will change that.

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