There are only nine chefs left in the MasterChef competition, meaning room for error is thinning out more and more. Can the top contenders such as Jordan and Bri remain at the top? Or will the underdogs throw a curveball?

Tonight, the tables will turn as a certain chef steps out of the shadows and proves to be playing the game with greatly calculated strategy.

For the very first time this season, the Mystery Box challenge proves to be no contest for Eddie. The football player knocks one through the uprights and takes his home field advantage into the pantry. Standing before Gordon, Graham and Joe, Eddie sets in motion his plan to turn the tables.

The Elimination Test is all about mushrooms. Be it fresh or canned, the chefs will be cooking one dish each, showcasing this main ingredient. So what’s the big deal, you ask? With Eddie safe and automatically moving on to the next leg of the competition, this leaves the remaining eight chefs to be split down the middle. Four of them will cook with the fresh mushrooms while the other will be stuck with canned goods. Eddie chooses wisely.

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Competition favorites James, Jordan, Bethy and Bri (lucky vegetarian) receive fresh ingredients and look to be jumping for joy over their advantage and apparent I-got-your-back gesture from Eddie. On the other hand, Lucca, Krissi, Jessie and Natasha have to deal with what comes out of the can. 

The best chefs in the competition soon begin to slide down the slippery slope, some grasping for help more obviously than others. Bethy, for example, forgets a key ingredient for her dish and panics, asking the others to supply her with sugar. Jordan gives it up only because he doesn’t seem threatened in the slightest. 

As the three judges call the chefs forward for tasting, Bethy is the first on the chopping block, quickly cutting her back down to size. James and Jordan will soon join her to round out the three bottom dishes of the night. As for the best, Natasha, again, wows the judges with a canned mushroom risotto. Yet even better than this is the most obvious guess, Bri. How can the vegetarian NOT win this challenge? These two ladies will head next week’s team challenge as captains.

Now who will be eliminated? James’ mushrooms were swimming in a heavy sauce. Jordan failed to make good pasta and overpowered his mushrooms with other stuff. Bethy’s just simply didn’t taste good. You guessed it!

Eliminated: Bethy

Before she walks out of the room, Gordon pulls her to his side and asks the question, “Who will win MasterChef?” She replies, “My girl, Jessie.” We’ll see about that.

Next week on MasterChef, the competition gets wild. The Top 8 will leave their in-house kitchen with familiar amenities and rough it out in the wilderness.

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