Hell’s Kitchen lost Anton last week. With the chefs shrinking (and sinking), the merge can’t be far off. Will a real leader emerge from either team? Will Rochelle win it all because she has come on strong the last few weeks? It’s going to be a scramble for these cooks to make it to the finish.

The Dorm Life

In the dorms, the group is down to seven and no one seems to notice that Anton is gone. The chefs feel that he was arrogant and didn’t get along with anyone. Rochelle gets encouragement from the Red Team before they go to bed. Right now, Rochelle is probably one of the best cooks remaining.

The Group Competition

Andi wakes the group and tells them to get downstairs and get in the cars. They meet Ramsay in a grocery store where he is going to teach them about budgets. This group probably has never budgeted anything before! They have $35 to shop for enough ingredients for three stunning entrees. After shopping they will cook and the team that has the highest price entrees will win.

The Red Team is now down to three. The Blue Team has Mel serving as a cheerleader but she’s not happy about Gabriel’s choice of protein. By picking a Cornish hen, most of the team is worried about getting it done. The Red Team meanwhile is looking at high price protein and spending money. Kashia and Joy aren’t happy with the expense and both teams scramble as time runs out.

Both teams come in under $35 but now they must cook. Mel decides she’s going to take over as leader but Jason isn’t happy and tries to shut her down. He has to do the Cornish hen. The Red Team has Scott cooking the meat/fish. As time slips away, both teams are scrambling and having trouble. The Blue Team’s Cornish hen is really causing problems. As plating finishes, Joy has a breakdown over undercooked pork. That’s okay Joy. I think the Cornish Hen is undercooked, too. Ramsay encourages her and Scott gives her a hug.

The three judges today are Anita Lau, Krista Simmons, and Brent Berkowitz. They will assign value as to how much they’d pay for the dishes. Jason represents the Blue Team with a $20 dish but Kashia wins the round with a $24.67 dish. Next up is Rochelle with a trout dish that “costs” $21.33 while Scott gets $23.67 for his sea bass. Finally, we get Mel with a meat dish that gets $28. Joy, mid-meltdown, is worried, but gets $24.67 for her dish and the Red Team wins.

The reward for the Red Team is a $1,000 shopping spree at the Grove followed by lunch at Hatfield’s. The Red Team will be doing spring cleaning in the dorms. I pity them. This group has always appeared as slobs and Gabriel confirms this. It’s so bad that poor Rochelle gets sick.

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Individual Competition

Scott talks about how exhausted everyone is as they head to the kitchens. As they enter, they’re greeted by an audience. Ramsay has decided in honor of the years of success the show has had to put out a Hell’s Kitchen calendar. Each month carries a recipe and he introduces three chefs who have recipes included in the calendar. Rock, who must work for the State Department now, has March. He is joined in the calendar by Paul and Dana. The calendar has 11 dishes and the remaining chefs must come up with a dish for December.

As Ramsay dismisses everyone, he gives the chefs their challenge. The chef whose dish appears for December automatically gets a black jacket and will get to wear it during dinner service. The chefs have 45 minutes to cook their dish in this first independent challenge. The dish must look phenomenal and taste delicious.

Rochelle stresses while Joy takes her time and thinks it through. She decides to push herself harder. Jason has pasta and Gabriel and Mel are both doing lamb chops. Scott is trying to think outside of the box. Kashia doesn’t add her squash because it didn’t turn out right. Mel is having trouble with her mashed potatoes and added flour. She didn’t know that flour in potatoes turn it to glue, apparently. Gabriel has raw lamb. 

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The Evaluation

The three former Hell’s Kitchen chefs return as judges and Chef Paul is one mean dude. He doesn’t like anything. At least Dana and Rock aren’t as mean.

Jason’s halibut has spaghetti which no one likes. Kashia is called out on her lack of squash. While Rochelle’s dish is colorful, she has raw fat. Scott serves scallops which Chef Paul hates. Next up with gluey mash potatoes is Mel. She fails to impress and Ramsay looks worried. Gabriel serves his raw lamb but now it is over cooked. He actually gets no score. With the score Rochelle:13, Kashia:11, Scott:11, Jason:8, Mel:5, and Gabriel:0, Joy presents her dish. She’s asked about her inspiration and admits she’s never cooked duck before. This shocks Rock and causes Ramsay to hit a black jacket before they even taste the dish. What is her score? We’ll have to wait until next week as we get “to be continued.”

Next Week

We get the final verdict and dinner service starts. One visiting chef gets sick. Minnie Driver has a special event at the Hell’s Kitchen. Ramsay is looking for the chefs to impress but does he kick them all out?

Catch an all new Hell’s Kitchen next Thursday at 8pm on FOX.

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