As I ponder how bad Hell’s Kitchen will be tonight, I have to wonder who out of these cooks will win. With the show already on the fall schedule, I hope Ramsay and company are looking for chefs that inspire and not make us despair. Have any of you found one chef you want to win it all? So far, I have seen no one inspiring. 

The Elimination

As last week’s episode ended, Ramsay was getting ready to dismiss a cook. Either Jessica or Richard will go home. As we rejoin the action, Ramsay tells all he had a hard decision to make. Jessica has two good dishes. Richard’s dishes are good. Based on the dishes and performance evaluations, Ramsay sends Jessica home. Well, Jessica has made mistakes and caused drama. It’s logical that tears and pleas follow but Ramsay hangs tough. Personally, I think she can cry at the drop of a hat. Jessica tells us she has the passion and she should have stayed. Ramsay warns all that the competition will only get tougher.

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Dorm and Sleep

Joy seems happy that Jessica is gone but Richard is upset because his team thought he was the weakest link. Bev tries to offer comfort while the rest rally around him. Jason doesn’t see Anton as the leader and we have to wonder which of the Blue Team can lead. As they try to sleep, Ralph can’t, thanks to Gabriel’s snoring.

Dawn and the Team Challenge

The chefs are called downstairs to go on a field trip to Ramsay’s gastro pub. I want to go here. It’s in a beautiful location and looks peaceful. Wait, is this a Ramsay restaurant? Ramsay plans to use the gastro pub as motivation to improve their performance. Something is always happening in the area and VIPs often visit. Richard wants to take a menu with him and Ramsay agrees. The chefs learn that the menu changes every month. (These chefs couldn’t handle the intensity.)

Ramsay has another reason for being there. He plans to have a gastro pub night at Hell’s Kitchen. Handing out the menu, he introduces them to his manager who shows them around the kitchen. Anton wants to sit back and image running the place.

Dinner War Service

On their return, the chefs relax in the dorms with the women out for the win. They arrive in the kitchen but something is wrong on the Blue Team. Ralph, who has blurry vision, isn’t himself. Jason feels sorry for him. He knows how this feels because he had the same thing happen three seasons ago. The medics try to convince Ralph to leave but Ralph knows the cause is a lack of sleep. He goes upstairs and Gabriel goes up too. Gabriel knows it is his fault. Ralph decides to continue service and goes downstairs with Gabriel.

As Ramsay opens the doors, the ladies seem to have things under control on the Red side. As the guests arrive, the Blue Team gets off to an early start with appetizers flying out of the kitchen. Unfortunately, the entrees lead to arguments instead of food. Both Jason and Anton want to lead but their style is different and that creates problems. Things get worse as their customers start to leave. JP brings the guests to Ramsay who makes the team apologize.

The Red Team starts slow but pull themselves together for another good service. As they finish everything but desserts, they are told to help the guys. Bad move Ramsay, as the men and women can’t get along. As Bev starts treating the guys like twelve years olds, bad fish and chips go to the pass. Ramsay sends the men to the dorm with orders to nominate two for eviction…

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The Elimination War

In the dorms, Jason and Anton are still at odds. Neither wants to go home. The ladies finish the service strong.

Gabriel is asked for nominees and the first is Scott. The second nominee is Ralph. While the others look stunned, Gabriel got what he wanted – Ralph is up. Ramsay asks Jason what is wrong and is told that Gabriel is the second choice. Of course, Ramsay calls all three forward. Scott, Gabriel and Ralph defend themselves. Gabriel feels he’s progressing. Scott feels he has a big heart. Ralph admits the night was a disaster but he has talent. As the girls laugh, Ramsay sends Ralph home. Ramsay doesn’t feel he is ready to be head chef.

Ralph thinks Gabriel ratted him out. Ramsay tells all remaining chefs that all need to step up to the plate. Gabriel is in it for himself. He doesn’t care about anyone else on his team. Meanwhile the women plan to pick the men off one by one.

Next week on Hell’s Kitchen: The Blue Team erupts in a feud and Anton appears to think only of himself. The women also have fights break out. Could violence play a part next week? One of the men slips and falls and there are elbows thrown on the ladies side. I doubt Ramsay will want to referee.

Catch an all new episode of Hell’s Kitchen next Thursday at 8pm on FOX.

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