It’s the last episode before the season finale of Survivor: Cagayan! Who will be in the finals? Will Tony use one (or both) of his idols before he’s not able to anymore? So many questions. Let’s get at least a few answers.

Spencer is being his usual Spencer self back at camp after Tribal Council, acting like a baby after figuring out his plan fell through. He asks Woo and Kass why they went along with the charade to vote off Tony only to vote off Tasha. Kass says everyone has their reasons, and lying is part of the game. Kass says in her confessional that it just made sense to take Tony with her to the end as opposed to the likable Tasha.

Spencer continues to be frustrated, saying that he’s playing the game with Tony who is playing everyone like a cheap fiddle, and the three other players who are too stupid to realize it. Which obviously isn’t true. Just because people aren’t going with your plan, Spencer, doesn’t mean that they don’t have a plan.

Woo and Tony discuss how they have to win immunity so Spencer doesn’t. Like Kass, Woo admits that he would rather sit next to Tony in the finals, but he wants to go to the end with him because he feels like they’ve played the game together since day one. Tony, on the other hand, knows he should get rid of Woo as soon as he gets a chance because it would be stupid to take him to the end. 

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Reward Challenge

For reward, the survivors have to race to a mud pit and cover themselves with mud. Then they have to race back and scrape the mud off their bodies into a bucket. Whoever gets the most mud in ten minutes wins the challenge. The winner will have pizza delivered at camp.

What can I say about this challenge? Everyone dives in the pit and gets REAL dirty. Like they all look like a little gingerbread men, dirty. All you can see is their eyes and their teeth, dirty. At the end of ten minutes, Tony’s bucket is overflowing and they don’t even need to measure to know he won. He picks Trish to share his pizza with because she’s near “anorexic,” which is kind of offensive, but that’s how Tony rolls.

Kass isn’t surprised that he picked Trish to share his reward with. She says those two have been the alpha male and female since the beginning. Has she already forgotten how many votes Tony left Trish oblivious to until there was a blindside at Tribal Council? Spencer, too, thinks everyone is just handing Tony this game.

Tony snarfs down that pizza unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The man was barely stopping to breathe. He tells Trish that he really does have two idols. He also tells her that he can use the special powers idol after tonight’s vote, which is a complete lie. But he hopes people will buy his bluff so he can coast into the finals.

After they eat, Tony pulls Kass aside. He tells her that Woo told him everything that she said a few days ago and about their plan to vote him off. Then he makes the mistake of condescending to her, saying, “don’t worry I’m not mad.” There is literally nothing he could have said that would have peeved Kass off more. Then Tony tells Kass that he wants to go to the finals with her and Trish instead of Woo. He even swears on his wife and baby that he’ll take her to the end.

Kass immediately goes off to find Woo. She asks him why he told Tony everything about their plan. He denies telling Tony anything, so Kass calls Tony over to clarify. Tony is incapable of playing it cool and immediately flies off the handle at Kass for blabbing secrets. Kass tells Woo that Tony swore on his wife and baby that he was taking her to the end. Tony gets even more worked up, trying to backtrack, but not being able to because he can’t stop talking long enough to formulate logical words.

Obviously Woo is shaken. He was planning on staying loyal to Tony and he’s upset to hear that he’s been playing both sides. Kass is apologetic to Woo, but says he needed to know that. Now her only option is to pull in Spencer and Woo to get rid of Trish next, since they know that Tony has at least one idol. Trish overheard Kass bring her name up, and obviously isn’t happy.

Immunity Challenge

For immunity, the final five have to race to untangle a braided rope and release a key. They have to use the key to unlock ladder rungs and build a ladder. Then they have to use planks to build a staircase to the top of the platform. At the top, there’s a Survivor slide puzzle. The first one to complete the puzzle wins immunity.

Tony is off to a quick start. He really races through the whole front part of the course. He’s a step ahead of everyone. By the time he’s finishing his staircase and getting to the top, Spencer is barely just starting on his staircase, and no one else has even finished their ladder. But Tony is a mad man at the slide puzzle, just sliding pieces around feverishly without taking a moment to consider what’s in front of him. It gives Spencer time to finish his stairs and then start on the puzzle. And then the Brain shows why he was placed on that tribe in the first place. He makes short work of the puzzle and wins immunity. 

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Loser Shuffle

Spencer says that this was a win of epic proportions and he’s going to sit back and enjoy the show as the alliance of four have to turn on themselves. He doesn’t even have to wait that long. As soon as they get back, Trish starts to immediately rip into Kass. She calls her out for playing the victim, playing two sides, and being a vicious and cruel human being. Kass simply sits there without defending herself, letting Trish make a fool of herself. Tony finally suggests that he, Trish and Woo take a walk.

Spencer is worried as soon as they leave that they’re going to try and get Kass out. Kass is confident that she’s planted enough worry in Woo to have him vote with them.

Tony, once again, starts things off with Woo by being condescending. He asks him if he has any questions for him, and when Woo admits to being a bit nervous about their alliance, Tony swears on literally everyone he knows that they are going to the finals together. It’s too late though. Woo already knows Tony is not to be trusted and he thinks now is his time to make a big move.

Woo approaches Kass after his conversation with Tony and Trish. He tells her that he’s ready to vote for Trish because it will be like cutting off Tony’s right hand (and assumed extra vote). The three shake on it and make a pact for the final three. Tony sees Woo talking to them and tries to pull him aside to comfort him, but he just comes off as paranoid.

Tribal Council

Kass tells Jeff how Trish railed into her when they got back to camp like a “wild skeleton blue-eyed banshee,” yelling at her and really showing her capacity for hatred. While we all know that maybe Trish was a bit out of line yelling at Kass, the jury seems to be on Trish’s side on this one (I’m not sure if any of you keep up with Ponderosa, but there is A LOT of Kass hate on the jury). Trish says that Kass is an agitator who doesn’t like conflict, and the jury nod their heads in agreement.

Spencer says that winning immunity sped up the process of those four having to turn on each other. Woo says that’s not necessarily true because now he’s looking at things as Brains vs. Brawn again, which means Kass is on the outside. Tony takes out both of his idols and wears them both before they even cast their votes.

He ends up playing the ordinary idol for himself. If he were smart, he would have played it for Trish (and then played his special one if there were any votes cast for him), but he’s not as smart as he thinks he is. Trish is voted out, and he’s left with a useless idol. Although he still may be able to make it work with a bluff. 

***Correction: Tony voted for Trish, so of course he wouldn’t use the idol for her. The only question is, what was he thinking voting out his strongest ally?

The Survivor Cagayan finale airs next Wednesday from 8-10pm (as opposed to a normal Sunday finale), so make sure you leave that Wednesday night free! 

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